Continuous Testing for theMainframe

Test with speed, accuracy and quality.

Mainframe system testers can now use JMeter, Taurus and BlazeMeter to shift left their performance testing.


Run tests automatically after every build to ensure system performance. Find errors on time, and release quickly with peace of mind.

High Quality

Ensure your mainframe is always performing, eliminate downtime, and fix bugs on time to ensure quick and smooth releases.

Cost Effective

Save your resources. Cut development time, administrative overhead, maintenance costs, infrastructure and more.

High Velocity

Run more tests in less time. Run automated performance tests in parallel, and by working together within teams. That’s faster than standalone or from a Center of Excellence.

Open-source based

Democratize without anarchy, stay up to date and enjoy open source innovation and spearheading technology.

How it works:


your JMeter or Taurus script


your script and run it in BlazeMeter as a functional or performance test: massively scale, collaborate on tests and reports and get advanced analytics.


Automate your test through Jenkins, or the CI tool of your choice

Release with peace of mind

Continuous Testing for the Mainframe