Lukas Rosenstock is an independent API design, development and integration expert and founder at CloudObjects.

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A Guide to Soak Testing and Spike Testing 

This article will look at two types of performance testing: soak testing and spike testing. We'll first recap stress testing and then take a closer look at other types of tests. 

3 Things to Look Out for When Stress Testing Your API

3 things that you should pay special attention to when designing and running your API load tests and how to manage them. Read to become an API testing pro.

Functional Testing vs. Performance Testing and the Value of Using Both

Functional testing and performance testing help developers assure software code quality. Learn how to build and run your functional test and load test and when.

API Testing and API Monitoring: The Complete Guide

A clear and concise guide to API Testing and API Monitoring and how you can easily run them in your QA and software development lifecycle. Get tips and tricks.