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Visualizing JMeter .jtl Files Viewed as An .xsl Stylesheet

Do you know what needs to be done after receiving *.jtl files?


Yes; we have to interpret them.


In an earlier post, we shared how to convert the *.jtl file from an xml format to a readable-by-humans graph and how JMeter standard listeners in GUI mode can be used for this purpose.


Now, we must dive into an interpretive state of mind.


Take a deep breathe and start counting backwards from 10. You are falling into a relaxed state....9...8...As you...7 relax....6...5....your brain is getting sharper.....4...your mind is open to receive...3..another....2...method..1...


Test Results Visualization


Peacefully enter %APACHE_JMETER_HOME/extras, there my child, you will find what you seek...several *.xsl files. 


  • - jmeter-results-detail-report.xsl
  • - jmeter-results-detail-report_21.xsl
  • - jmeter-results-report.xsl
  • - jmeter-results-report_21.xsl


This is what we have in the dreamy state of JMeter 2.6 distribution. Of course, these files can differ in other versions of JMeter the way the mind can create different energies under different states of emotion.


These xsl-stylesheets allow you to convert *.jtl file, which has the XML format that can be viewed in Excel. It is very convenient. There is an algorithm of actions to achieve this however.


Step 1


Open the scriptresults.jtl file from wordpad or notepad and insert the following line:


<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="D:\jakarta-jmeter-2.3.2\extras\jmeter-results-report_21.xsl"?>


This line should be inserted between the line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> and <testResults version="1.2">


Step 2


Save the jtl file, open an excel worksheet and drag the jtl file into it. You can now view the results.

.jtl file results-JMeter


You see that *.jtl file is parsed and converted to Excel worksheet. Can this test report be used for analyzing? Let'a take the journey to discovery together. Let’s open a *.jmx file in the JMeter GUI.

*.jtl file parsed


Here, we can see that the Excel merged all Thread Groups into one title “/addressbook/group.php”. Therefore, this report cannot be used for analyzing, as it holds no information about separate samples. Alas, all is not lost. Using this method, we can try to approximate response time. This will allow the defining moment in our visualization of whether we should execute further testing or not. Ah, the proverbial fork in the road.


The choice? You must decide for yourself. But remember child, time is money and you have the power inside of you to create these XSL stylesheets for processing *.jtl files thus saving time, which in turn saves money.


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