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User Experience Monitoring with Selenium


**Updated 8.28.13- Updated-This feature is now available to launch Selenium tests (not just monitor them!). Learn how to Use Selenium with JMeter's WebDriver Sampler.


JMeter can’t generate real users, only virtual. This happens because every browser has its' own technology of rendering pages while loading. Therefore, we use the browser to discover the system performance that the user will be dealing with. Selenium is the most appropriate tool for this question, because it allows the simulation of the user’s actions in real browser.


What is Selenium? Selenium automates browsers. That's it.


Selenium can be used for creating functional tests for web-based applications; or to automate some of the more mundane administrative activities. Another problem that can easily be solved with the help of Selenium is reproducing real browser performance.


And that is what Selenium is used for by Blazemeter. 


So, how it is implemented? Login to Blazemeter with valid account and create a new test. Upload custom test plan in *.jmx format and expand “User Experience Monitoring with Selenium”. 


User experience monitoring with Selenium and BlazeMeter



User experience monitoring with Selenium and BlazeMeter 2                                                         

In this case, the specification is for the same landing pages as for the HTTP samples in the test plan.
Save & Start the test as usual. A brief interlude while Blazemeter collect statistics. Then switch to the “Load Report”, ”Real Browser Report” tab.


What did we get?!?!?!


Real browser report with BlazeMeter

Based on the *.jmx test-plan, each landing page a separate browser will be opened. Note the changing render times while the test is executing. This graph alone will be not enough for the exhaustive analysis of testing process. So, scroll down to the bottom of page, where there is a module (Similar to firebug in Mozilla Firefox). It allows you to observe result of each individual request. 


See individual requests with BlazeMeter


This information should be more than enough to investigate any issues with real-browser performance. 


Like any good prophet, BlazeMeter spots n solves issues before they occur. 



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