Refael Botbol is the Director of Professional Services for BlazeMeter and manages the delivery of BlazeMeter’s Enterprise projects. He has nearly 15 years of end-to-end experience, ranging from development and system engineering up to customer-facing positions. His proficiency includes operating systems and performance testing, leading multiple web-based platforms projects, including technologies such as Apache, JBoss, Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere, and complete deployment in enterprises including high familiarity with implementation needs.

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Top 3 Options for Running Performance Tests Behind a Corporate Firewall

One of the biggest struggles that many Performance Testing Engineers face when running tests from a cloud environment is how to test behind their company’s firewall.


Luckily, BlazeMeter has 3 easy solutions that should cover any company’s security needs!


1 - Whitelist (or Allowlist) our IP Addresses


Whitelisting is our free solution for getting around this issue.  It is quick and easy to implement, but does offer some security drawbacks.


What is whitelisting?


Whitelisting is the process of creating lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges that will allow requests made from those IPs through your corporate firewall.


Most corporate firewalls are configured to block most or all incoming traffic.  This makes testing those applications from a cloud platform impossible without a workaround.  Through whitelisting, your network team can configure your firewall rules to allow requests coming from BlazeMeter IP addresses through the firewall, which will enable you to test from our Platform


This handy guide will walk you through how to obtain our IP addresses. Once you have those IPs/IP Ranges whitelisted, you’ll be ready to begin testing


2 - Using Dedicated IPs


What are Dedicated IPs?


Dedicated IPs are pretty much exactly what they sound like, single Dedicated IPs that you can use with your test runs at your leisure.  These IPs belong to your account and will not be used by any other BlazeMeter users.


Many of our more security-conscious customers have network security policies that don’t allow for the whitelisting of large amounts of IPs or IP ranges.  In these cases, a more precise solution is required.  This is where Dedicated IPs come in.  They are singular IPs that can be run with any tests on your account.  Once purchased, the IPs can be assigned to the location of your choosing and they will be provisioned into your account in short order.


If you are interested in purchasing Dedicated IP’s, then please take a look at this guide.


3 - On-Premise Testing


On-Premise testing is BlazeMeter’s most secure option for testing with our platform and is utilized by many of our clients.  As such, this option will require setup from the user side and necessitates a qualifying plan before they can be implemented.


For more information about BlazeMeter’s On-Premise solution, we recommend reading this guide.


If you are interested in such a solution, then please feel free to send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you!


Here is another guide that can offer some clarity about On-Premise testing.

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