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Jun 14 2018

7 Reasons to Run BlazeMeter Performance Tests

BlazeMeter is a SaaS-based performance testing tool, fully compatible with JMeter and 19 other open source load testing tools. Whether you are running automated tests every night as part of your continuous integration workflow or load testing before a special event like Black Friday, BlazeMeter has the features to make your load testing effective and easy. Here’s how:


1. Easy to Run Performance Tests


BlazeMeter is easy to use, even for beginners. All you have to do is upload your script, easily configure your test in the intuitive GUI, and run.


easy to run performance tests


There is no need for you to configure JMeter or any other tools on the test engines, or to edit your JMX or properties file to be able to scale globally. Needless to say there is also no need to install BlazeMeter. This leaves you with more time and resources for running your tests.


BlazeMeter also enables better and easier script maintenance. Utilize BlazeMeter’s multi-test capabilities to break your test run and analysis down into components, features and use cases. Instead of managing long and complex test scripts, become agile by automatically testing smaller pieces of code per commit and analyzing results continuously.


2. Full Open Source Compatibility


Open source performance testing and continuous integration has many advantages that you shouldn’t give up on, like access to a reservoir of technical experts from all over the world. BlazeMeter not only lets you keep enjoying all these open source advantages, but it also leverages them. Get everything from open source, plus SaaS, advanced analytics, collaboration and more. How?


BlazeMeter is fully compatible with the latest JMeter versions. Just take your script, upload and run. You can also use the easy to use GUI to override the script configuration, concurrency, JMeter properties, durations, ramp-up and locations. Then, analyze results in insightful reports and share them and your tests.


Our newest version is also compatible with 20 open source testing tools, from Gatling to Selenium. Just choose your favorite tool and run your test script. Alternatively, create a YAML load test in open source Taurus, which we are also fully compatible with, and we will run it for you in any of these tools that you choose.


3. Scale High, Scale Global


BlazeMeter runs in the cloud, so you don’t have to rely on your own machine’s resources when scaling the number of virtual users. In BlazeMeter you can ramp up the number of VUs to 1000s or 1000000s, and really simulate how your system performs under heavy usage and surprising traffics spikes.


Website and app traffic doesn’t come from just one location. In BlazeMeter you can choose to simulate traffic from 56 geo-locations from all over the world, with you deciding how to divide up the traffic between the locations. You can also analyze the test results according to each location.


4. CI and APM Integrations


We know performance testing is a (very important) part of your Continuous Integration workflow, so BlazeMeter integrates with many CI tools. BlazeMeter has Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo plugins, as well as the ability to create advanced integrations through Taurus and our APIs. So, not only can you schedule your load and functional tests to run as part of your workflow and with every commit, but you can also run and configure tests from the command line.


BlazeMeter also integrates with all the major APM vendors including CA APM, providing you with another layer of metrics for an even more advanced analysis.


5. 24/7 Online Support


Need help with your BlazeMeter tests? Our super star support team is available 24/7.


Our support team is made up of experts not only in BlazeMeter, but also in open source tools like JMeter and Taurus. What makes them so good? They are deeply involved with our R&D, as well as in open source testing communities, with tens of thousands of scripts in their arsenal.


So, if you run into issues with your testing, we have the experts to help you. With BlazeMeter, we have you covered. End to End.


6. Share Your Load Tests and Results with Managers

All tests, reports and projects can be shared among colleagues and team members. BlazeMeter provides Workspaces and Projects for adding users, assigning managers to performance tests and controlling users' privileges. These enable sharing assets, managing accounts, demarcating projects and collaborating on test creation. Since BlazeMeter is easy to use, it doesn’t take much training for non-experienced users to start working on existing projects. Collaboration also shows managers who is working on what.


Performance results can also be exported as an executive summary, showing bottom lines, graphs and a glossary. This shows both the system’s performance status and also the importance of performance testing systems, helping prioritize these tasks in Scrum sprints.


share you blazemeter load tests with managers


7. Insightful Reporting That is Easy to Read


BlazeMeter reports are clear, comprehensive and insightful, and you will see them immediately, just a few minutes after you run your tests. Analyze performance KPIs like throughput, error rate, response time and percentiles, and drill down to see how your system performs by location, test case, specific request label and more. You can also access full test information even months after the test ran and overlay test results to identify interesting finds.


blazemeter reporting


insightful load tests


realtime load testing reports


BlazeMeter’s colorful and insightful metrics and graphs make the analytics accessible to everyone, letting each developer, engineer and DevOps understand where to improve their code and the system. But if you need a more high-level summary, BlazeMeter also provides a comprehensible Executive Summary, with bottom lines, graphs and a glossary. All reports can also be shared.



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