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JMeter 2.8 Hot n' Heavy

Time flies. We were just introduced to a damn fine JMeter 2.7. After what feels like a whirlwind love affair, JMeter 2.8 emerged making our heart swoon all over again. And of course, as BlazeMeter is an adoring amoureux, we fully support JMeter 2.8 now and forever!


What’s new in JMeter 2.8 that has our hearts all asunder?


Core improvements! Reporting improvements! Graphic improvements!


May our hearts be still.


Core Improvements


A.Thread Group


JMeter 2.8 Thread Group


The Thread Group has a new check-box.  A new thread won’t be created until it is needed and only if the check-box is set. This new feature allows running tests with a huge number of short lived threads.


And in this case it reduces memory usage in comparison with creating all Threads at startup. 


B. OS Process Sampler


As you know, the OS Process Sampler is used for executing system commands on the local machine. For better usability we can define separate files for standard input, standard output and standard error streams.


JMeter 2.8 OS Process Sampler


C.HTTP Request Sampler


JMeter 2.8 HTTP Request Sample


If we take a look into HTTP protocol description, we will find that there are PUT and PATCH methods on the server.


The PUT method is generally used for creating resources that had not been presented on server prior. In contrast, the PATCH method is used for updating existing resources. So consider that supporting this method in JMeter allows the reproduction of test-scenario that is closer to reality than it was in JMeter 2.7.


We like.


D.HTTP Request Defaults


The last core update is an additional feature in the HTTP Request Defaults. Now we can set “Retrieve All embedded Resources from HTML files” and all HTTP Requests in the current Thread Group will inherit this feature.


JMeter 2.8 HTTP Request Defaults


Graphic improvements


A.Response Time Graph


JMeter announced the new Listener: Response Time Graph.  It shows how the Response Time changes during test execution. Here is a peek at the results tab:


JMeter 2.8 Listener: Response Time Graph.  Response Time changes during test execution


And the settings tab:


JMeter 2.6 Settings


B.View Results in Table


Another improvement that was implemented in the “View Results in Table” listener.


Now we can observe another parameter – latency.


View Results in Table=Latency


GUI and ergonomic improvements


A.HTTP Proxy Server simplifications


HTTPS Spoofing options have been removed from Proxy as HTTPS recording is directly available since JMeter 2.4.


HTTP Proxy Server Simplifications


B. HTTP Proxy Server


A new “Add from Clipboard” button allows users to paste URL filters!


JMeter 2.8 Add from Clipboard


C.Find in JMeter


JMeter got new “Find” functionality. Press Ctrl-F  or select “Search” from top menu.


JMeter 2.8- Type Find!


Type, for example “Dur” and press enter. Result:


Type Dur- JMeter 2.8


And finally, the ESC key closes the pop-up windows!


What's your favorite improvement in JMeter 2.8?


Want to learn more?


Check out BlazeMeter's Knowledge Base. We've got 'loads' more information!


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