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JMeter 2.6 - The new GUI

Now that everyone has had a couple of weeks to play around with the release of JMeter 2.6, let’s discuss the new GUI.

In your face!

Users are immediately confronted with the new GUI after pressing “Enter” on “jmeter.bat” or “”.

JMeter 2.6 Toolbar and Options

JMeter 2.6 has a toolbar with controls, so users no longer have to go into the drop-down menus.

This toolbar is displayed by default, but if you prefer the old interface, simply hide it by using the “Toolbar” check-box in the “Options” menu.

JMeter Toolbar Options

All functions of the toolbar buttons are fairly intuitive so we will touch only on the “Search” button.

JMeter Toolbar Search Button

You can set the System to CrossPlatform LAF from the options menu.

JMeter CrossPlatform LAF                               

The new “Search” feature is quite the coup when compared to JMeter 2.5 which had no such functionality. 

JMeter search button for JMeter 2.6 vs. JMeter 2.5

It allows users to quickly and easily locate test-plan elements. This window is very simple and has two check-boxes: “Case sensitive” and “Regular exp”. 

“Regular exp.” allows users to search using regular expressions. The path to the located items is highlighted with red.

One caveat? After closing the “Search” window, the highlighted area does not disappear.

Another useful feature, which is represented in JMeter 2.6 is the option to duplicate elements of the test-plan.

For example, to copy the entire thread group with large amounts of different elements, using JMeter 2.5 is to use CTRL-C/CTRL-V. In the current version, simply select the preferred elements and call the context menu using the right mouse button. Then press the“Duplicate” option and… poof! You are done! The element is copied and displayed below the original element.  

JMeter duplicate option

Another usability improvement is related to controllers. In JMeter 2.5.1, in order to alter the type of controller desired, required the removal of the old controller and the addition of the new controller.

JMeter 2.6 change type controller           

JMeter developers laid out this amazing usability surprise for all performance analysts. Now we can easily switch between different types of controllers without removing it.

JMeter 2.6 usability for performance analysts

Another enhancement is related to the interaction with OS. In JMeter 2.5.1, in order to add the test plan from the file system users had to use the drop-down menu “File” and use the option “Open” in it.  Now you can drag the file with the test-plan in the file system and drop it to JMeter. As expected, this feature supports only *.jmx files.

So go forth and prosper.

The “Confirm remove” dialog box now requires confirmation of the deletion of any element of the test-plan.

JMeter 2.6 Confirm/remove dialogue box

The “Log viewer” allows users to observe logs at runtime, without opening the *.jtl file from the system and requires a switch in order to activate “Log viewer” check-box from “Options” menu.

JMeter 2.6 Log Viewer

JMeter 2.6 Thread Properties

The latest JMeter releases can be downloaded directlyfrom the official JMeter site.



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