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JMeter 2.11: Top 5 Features and Updates

The Apache Software Foundation has been uber busy. After what must have been a super intensive Q4 2013,  JMeter V2.11 was released a few days into the New Year on January 5th, 2014 (shout out to them for working so diligently over the holiday season in order to start the New Year off with an awesome release!).


BlazeMeter  fully supports JMeter 2.11. You can see all of the JMeter versions BlazeMeter supports from the “JMeter Version” dropdown list on BlazeMeter’s add test page.


BlazeMeter fully supports JMeter 2.11


Regarding JMeter V2.11, we’ve highlighted the best and brightest new features which hit our barometer on the  ‘how much easier will this feature/update make your life’ scale.  


New JMeter 2.11 Features - Top 3


1. JMS Publisher and JMS P2P – now possible to set JMS Property type


JMS Properties aren’t limited to Strings any more. Now you can specify class of Property to send.


JMeter 2.11 JMS Publisher and JMS P2P – now possible to set JMS Property type


2. View Results Tree Listener – new “XPath Tester”


With JMeter 2.11 it’s possible to test XPath expressions right against response data in View Results Tree listener. Extremely handy for debugging, running test repeatedly, looking into Debug Sampler output, etc. Just make one request and play with XPath queries until you figure out the one that works best for you.  


JMeter 2.11 View Results Tree Listener – new “XPath Tester”


3. Summariser now enabled by default in non-GUI mode


When you’re running your scripts from command-line (the way Blazemeter does actually) you don’t need to be a telepathic one to determine what the test is doing. JMeter now produces some informative output into STDOUT and log file. Default interval is 30 seconds. 


JMeter 2.11 Summariser now enabled by default in non-GUI mode


Following are a few deliciouso recipes from the chefs over at Apache JMeter. We'll take all four, add the relish!


  • – controls the name of summariser.Defaults to “summary”. If name has zero length – summariser gets disabled.  

  • summariser.interval – controls the frequency of summariser summaries. Defaults to 30 seconds

  • summariser.log – controls whether to append summariser information to jmeter.log file. Defaults to “true”

  • summariser.out – controls whether to display summariser information in standard output. Defaults to “true”


All four aforementioned properties live in the “” file. Values can be overridden via command line option of “-J” 


C:\jmeter211\bin>jmeter.bat -n -t Summarizer.jmx -l Summarizer.jtl


Creating summariser <BLAZEMETER>


Created the tree successfully using Summarizer.jmx


Starting the test @ Tue Jan 07 12:37:46 FET 2014 (1389087466077)


Waiting for possible shutdown message on port 4445


JMeter 2.11 Feature Updates - Top 2 


1. Transaction Controller


Transaction controller GUI now has “Include duration of timer and pre-post processors in generated sample” disabled by default


If you’re creating test script manually via JMeter GUI - please double check that new behavior is desired. 


The nature of change  affects GUI samplers, if you create TransactionController programmatically TransactionController.isIncludeTimers() will return true.


2. Response Assertion


Response Assertion since JMeter 2.11 uses “Substring” Pattern Matching Rule (earlier was “Contains”). When creating a ResponseAssertion via GUI make sure that “Substring” default is exactly what you need. 


Again, impact is only Response Assertion GUI, an instance of Response Assertion created through Java code will return false on isSubstringType() method call.


*Testers take note, JMeter 2.11 requires Java 6 or later to run. 



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