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Jul 27 2021

How to Share Dedicated IPs Between BlazeMeter Workspaces

Dedicated IPs are unique addresses assigned to certain accounts or applications. When performance testing, you might want different teams to test these same IPs. This enables you to divide up the work and become more agile when testing. In BlazeMeter, your dedicated IPs might be provisioned to a certain workspace. But this can be easily fixed! Let’s see how.


Sharing Dedicated IPs Between Workspaces - A Guide

Here’s a step by step guide to sharing dedicated IPs between your BlazeMeter workspaces.


  1. Make a GET call to the /dedicated-ips endpoint to get list of your IPs.


  1. Full URL: 



  1. Make sure to increase the limit parameter to allow you to see all of your IPs.


  1. You will be looking for the “id” field for each IP in the response, pictured here:



  1. Take the Id that was retrieved from the previous call and then make another call to this endpoint:


  1. PATCH{ID}


  1. Set the request body to include all workspace IDs as follows:



  1. Be sure to include the workspace ID of the workspace that currently contains the Dedicated IPs, unless you wish to remove the IPs from the workspace they’re currently in. In which case, leave this ID out of the request


Repeat this process for each IP on your account as desired. This can be fairly easily automated with a simple script that iterates through all the IPs on your account.


Now your Dedicated IPs will be available in all of your workspaces!


Check out these useful API Explorer links to perform sample requests and get a feel for how the APIs work and what you can do with them.


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