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How to Migrate from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter in 4 Easy Steps

Many leading organizations are looking to digitally transform their legacy performance testing systems with an agile system that enables them to shift left. BlazeMeter is a flexible SaaS platform for functional and performance testing that can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines, APMs, and environments. However, the migration process from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter might seem intimidating at first.


To help with the conversion process, this blog post provides four easy steps to help plan, design and execute script migration. To learn more about the scope of such a project and how to get started, check out this whitepaper “LoadRunner to BlazeMeter Migration”.


LoadRunner to BlazeMeter: Benefits of Script Conversion

Before we dive into the migration process itself, let’s see which advantages companies gain from converting from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter.    



BlazeMeter enables running load tests in the cloud or on-premise. Organizations can scale their tests across geo-locations and up to hundreds of thousands of users (and even more) to test any use case they need. No need to worry about infrastructure cost and setup or test and report synchronization because BlazeMeter covers it all. 


Open-Source Compatibility

BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with open-source JMeter. Developers and testers can create their scripts in JMeter and enjoy all the capabilities and open source community support, and then run their tests in BlazeMeter. In addition, BlazeMeter can become the single location from which all JMeter scripts are easily modified, maintained and executed.


Easy Recording Capabilities

BlazeMeter’s Chrome Extension enables 'on-the-fly' script recording for creating and running test scripts. The recorder works for JMeter, Selenium, Taurus and BlazeMeter.


Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

BlazeMeter provides real time monitoring and reporting capabilities, as well as easy access to historical reports for comparison and trend identification. You can also extend your test data further with top-tier APM solution integrations like AppDynamics, Dynatrace, CA APM, New Relic and CloudWatch. Get end-to-end visibility of your server, application and end user experience. And more.


Illustration 1: Real Time API Monitoring


Illustration 2: BlazeMeter Summary Report


Migration Process Steps

Now let’s see what a migration process from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter will look like.


Step 1: Determine the Scope

The first step in the migration project is to determine its scope. This will be based on the number of scripts that need to be converted, their complexity, various risk factors, the functionality they’re testing, and more.


Step 2: Decide on the Strategy

When converting to BlazeMeter, there are a number of different approaches to choose from. Companies can either migrate all the scripts at one, choose a step-by-step process in which parts of the testing system are migrated while the other system continues to function, or migrate and run both systems side-by-side.


Step 3: Convert Low-Hanging Fruit with the Shift Left Converter

The ShiftLeft Script Converter enables easy conversion of LoadRunner scripts to JMeter. You only need to drag and drop your zip files into it. Learn more in the whitepaper.






Step 4: Convert the Remaining Scripts

ShiftLeft can handle most LoadRunner scripts. However, there are some features it does not support, like multiple HTTP requests and custom functions. These remaining sections should be manually converted, with the help of a professional services team.


You can reach out to our sales team to get a consultation and estimation of the effort required.


Professional Services Team Benefits

Working with a professional services team for planning and converting your test scripts provides multiple benefits:

  • Accuracy and efficiency – Engaging with an experienced team ensures the highest level of expertise is achieved without the overhead. Having handled many migrations, the team has the experience to help you consider the complexities involved and help mitigate complex scenarios. 
  • Shortened migration timelines – An experienced team can shorten timelines by running two performance testing environments concurrently.
  • Ease transition to  the new product – A team that is BlazeMeter-proficient can train you on the new product to reduce transition friction and get you up and running immediately.


Migration Process Steps

Our professional services team can help you navigate the process of migrating from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter. We provide the following services:


1. Migrating LoadRunner tests to JMeter and BlazeMeter

We will help you convert your scripts to a scalable cloud-based performance testing tool, from strategy to execution.


2. Providing Training and Onboarding

We are experts in open source JMeter and Taurus and in BlazeMeter. We can teach you all the tips and tricks of these tools and help with the onboarding.


3. Creating Strategies and Plans

We will share and create the best testing strategies and customized plans for your specific testing scenarios.


4. Ongoing Technical and Beyond Support

Our dedicated and experienced customer success team provides ongoing support for all your testing needs.



Migrating your performance scripts to BlazeMeter enables business agility and faster time-to market while reducing testing and development friction. You can use the automated and free shift left converter to get started. Reach out to our experienced professional services team to get a consultation and more information about how to make this process as seamless as possible.


To read more about converting and the process, read the whitepaper.


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