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Mar 22 2021

How to Maximize Your Existing Investments in Service Virtualization with BlazeMeter

As a Service Virtualization Enterprise Edition (SVEE) administrator, you’re already familiar with the concept of Virtual Services and Virtual Service Environments (VSE) and you’ve probably heard of the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform that’s included with your SVEE subscription. But unless you’ve implemented the Service Virtualization Bridge and BlazeMeter VSE along with SVEE, you’re missing out on the tremendous value BlazeMeter provides at no additional cost.


Enhance functionality of on-prem

BlazeMeter has direct integration with SVEE for extended use cases, protocols, and services, including mainframe virtualization.


Share and reuse virtual services

All teams can access and share Mock Services across the organization via the Asset Catalog. Services can be created in SV, CodeSV, by recording, and imported from open source and third-party tools.


Drive adoption across the organization

BlazeMeter compresses time-to-value by allowing teams to use their tools of choice. Bring new teams on board quickly and get the benefits of continuous testing through a unified interface.


You can start by deploying the SV Bridge and connecting your existing Enterprise Dashboard with BlazeMeter. The SV Bridge allows you to integrate your existing on-prem VSEs with BlazeMeter and expose them as “Locations” where users can deploy Mock Services.



You can then import your existing MAR-based Virtual Services into the BlazeMeter Asset Catalog as Mock Services -- with just a few clicks -- so developers and testers can easily collaborate using these Mock Services as test case dependencies for performance, functional, and API tests also managed in BlazeMeter. 



Additionally, you can reduce the management overhead and system requirements of the SVEE VSE by using BlazeMeter VSE instead. BlazeMeter VSE is a containerized, on-demand VSE -- seamlessly deployed from BlazeMeter using the SV Bridge -- with no dependencies on the SVEE components. BlazeMeter VSE facilitates Shift-Left testing and CI/CD pipeline integration with its API- and container-friendly deployment of Mock Services. 



With SVEE and BlazeMeter integration, you can take the work you’ve already done and leverage it in a shift-left continuous testing platform. Your existing assets can easily be migrated so developers and testers can collaborate seamlessly under unified single interface. Your delivery pipeline will be streamlined and automated to support your growing use cases. And upgrades and patches can be applied easily so you can focus on adoption and onboarding. Get started today!

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