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Mar 16 2017

How to Convert SoapUI xml to JMeter jmx

SoapUI is an open-source web testing application, used mainly for functional testing of APIs. If you want to convert your SoapUI xml files into jmx format in order to run your test in JMeter, it’s easy to do.


Here’s how:


1. Install Taurus


2. Convert your SoapUI project XML file files to YAML by running 

soapui2yaml <file_name>.xml


3. Run the command 

bzt -gui <file_name>.xml.yml


4. bzt  opens up Taurus, which generates a JMX file behind the scenes


taurus dashboard soapui xml file


5. -gui opens up JMeter, where you can view and work on your file in a JMX format


6. The JMX files will also be found in the Taurus artifacts directory


In any case, once you run the file in Taurus you can type -report and open up your reports in BlazeMeter, where you can analyze KPIs and trends through colorful reports.


That’s it! You now know how to convert SoapUI xml to JMeter jmx.


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