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Nov 25 2020

Testing Behind the Firewall: Securing your Data with BlazeMeter Private Locations

Load testing is important for identifying bottlenecks in your systems and ensuring a streamlined user experience. Sometimes, developers and DevOps need to run performance tests behind the company firewall, to adhere to security policies and requirements. That's why BlazeMeter offers a performance testing solution to this: BlazeMeter Private Locations.

BlazeMeter Private Locations

If your organization requires performance testing behind a firewall without allowing inbound connections (but does enable data to leave the network), the BlazeMeter Private Location solution is for you.


The Private Location solution is based on a BlazeMeter agent, installed on your servers. You can create your tests in BlazeMeter just like any user. The agent will regularly check with BlazeMeter to see if any tests were created. Once they are, the agent will get instructions from BlazeMeter so your servers can run the test. The data will be sent to BlazeMeter and you can view the reporting there.


The architecture looks like this:

BlazeMeter Private Locations Benefits

There are multiple benefits to the Private Locations solution:

Storage and Data Routing - Handled

The Private Locations solution ensures the entire heavy lifting is on us, while you only have to take care of the network and agents. BlazeMeter takes care of the storage and data routing to ensure all the test data arrives accurately and quickly so you can analyze the BlazeMeter reports.

Less Infrastructure Maintenance

As the overhead of the storage and data routing is taken care of, you have much less infrastructure maintenance. This peace of mind that less things on your side might break, frees you up for the real deal - performance testing analysis.

Securing Your Data with Private Locations

To ensure data security, BlazeMeter uses HTTPS connections (using TLS 1.2 security protocol). The information is encrypted and it is only accessible by the account users.


In addition, you can and should remove customer data, PII and other sensitive information before uploading the test data to BlazeMeter. This can be done by using a Taurus YAML configuration file that includes the following section (on top of the normal execution and scenario sections):


- module: shellexec


 - echo "retrieving external CSV" 

 - wget -O my-downloaded.csv “url/to/my.csv”


 - echo "deleting CSV"

 - rm my-downloaded.csv


By doing this, you can control where that data is stored and ensure it never leaves your network.

Secure Testing Behind the Firewall

BlazeMeter Private Locations provides a secure solution for companies who require testing behind the firewall. BlazeMeter Private Locations enables testers and DevOps to enjoy all BlazeMeter’s performance testing benefits with almost no overheads. The only thing that is required is to manage the network and agents. Private data can be removed before testing.

Want to learn how to ensure secure testing? Let’s talk to find the solution for your needs


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