Ben Johnson Ward works at Broadcom as an expert in Automation, Requirements, & Model Based Testing. He comes from a consulting background focused on test and data optimization. Ben also has a focus on AI frameworks and behavioral science. When not working, Ben spends most of his time exploring NYC.

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Jun 30 2020

Introducing Scriptless Test Automation with BlazeMeter

Building automated tests for any application can face challenges: managing objects, coordinating execution and reporting, and authoring tests all pose hurdles that need to be cleared in order to automate our testing.


This can be exacerbated when the people who would have ideally authored the tests don’t have direct automation experience or the skills necessary to build new automated tests. Sometimes the automation experts on the team who do have the skills don’t possess the deep product knowledge necessary to understand what needs to be tested.


With BlazeMeter’s Scriptless Testing, we address these gaps and make it simple to get automated quickly, while providing tools that allow testing efforts at a scale. Here’s how.


Full Recording, Playback & Editing Capabilities


Using the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension, you can record an existing manual test or an entirely new scenario against your application, but instead of replaying the recording or downloading it as code, you can now send it directly to BlazeMeter to edit and improve in our Scriptless Editor, parameterize, componentize, and debug the scenario, then share and make it reusable across the entire team- before running it with several browsers from multiple locations.


Scriptless Test Automation from BlazeMeter


Automatically Capture & Curate Page Objects


When you record a test the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension you will automatically record all of the relevant page objects from the application and add them to our Test Action Library from where they can be easily maintained from a central location, so if anything changes in the application it is simple to keep the library, and all of the tests, up to date.


How to run Scriptless Test Automation


Every object is recorded with all of the available locators, and BlazeMeter will automatically use the next Locator if one of them fails - making the tests more resilient and less prone to errors and false failures.


BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing


Objects in the library can then be used in any new test a user in the workspace builds, and it’s easy to trace which tests are using which objects to keep maintenance easy.


Scriptless Testing Getting Started


Drag-drop Functionality to Create Automated Tests


Homegrown keyword & data-driven frameworks offer the ability to author automated tests without having to code scenarios by hand themselves, but these frameworks often require specialized

automation engineers to build and continually maintain them.


From our library of predefined Selenium actions, testers can now drag-drop to create new automated tests with BlazeMeter’s Scriptless Testing- or alter existing recordings. No coding experience or scripting language knowledge is necessary to build ready to execute, easy to maintain, automated tests, quickly.


BlazeMeter Getting Started with Scriptless Test Automation


Create reusable components easily


With BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing you can now create groups from multiple test steps you already have. These Groups act as components, building blocks that can be used to build more complicated tests more quickly- and are then available to the entire workspace, and you can reuse them in other tests, as well as share them with other users. Like Objects, groups are centrally maintained with a full revision history, so when a common reusable component changes, you don’t need to maintain every test case individually.


Test Automation Scriptless


Debug tests visually directly inside BlazeMeter


Part of the development of any functional test is verifying its accuracy. With BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing you have access to a full debugger directly inside the platform, so you can easily verify changes to your tests with a short feedback loop.


Scriptless Test Automation from BlazeMeter


Build Advanced Tests


BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing allows you to create advanced tests that verify all of your application behavior. You can use conditionals, loops, drive your tests with external data, and even use custom code to do all of the testing and verification of your application.


Scriptless Testing Getting Started


Execute Tests and Share Reports, No Configuration Required


Of course, like any test run on BlazeMeter, configuring browsers and locations is very easy, and BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing still gives you the same familiar detailed functional test reports, with full session logging, step execution details, and video playback to enable quick root cause analysis and resolution of issues.


Scriptless Test Automation from BlazeMeter


Get Started with Scriptless Test Automation


BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing is all about making it easier to build maintainable automated tests. We recognize that tests don’t live in a vacuum - they need to be designed, they need to have data and environments prepared for them, and they often have dependencies that need to be mocked. It’s also important that we trigger these tests, and extract their results easily from a build pipeline. Today, BlazeMeter makes linking these assets easier and provides an open platform where BlazeMeter Scriptless Testing can now be part of your full devops solution.


Join us for this webinar, to learn more about BlazeMeter’s Scriptless Testing and how BlazeMeter can help you make that shift to quality.

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