Daniel Berstein is a senior software engineer for BlazeMeter. He has 17 years of experience as a developer. Daniel specializes in PHP, backend solutions and high traffic web properties.

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May 18 2017

5 Tips to Help You Focus While You Code

Developing is a wonderful profession. It opens up your mind, enhances your creativity and enables you to change your surroundings by creating something new. However, a developer’s life can also be stressful, since you need to struggle between a product manager's fertile imagination and reality constraints. Add a noisy open-space to that equation, and you’ll find it can be very hard to get your work done.


In these kinds of situations you need to find a way to concentrate.  Here are 5 tips I use to concentrate while I code:


1. Put on headphones


coding tips, put on headphones


When you’re sharing a space with many other people who are talking, typing, eating and laughing, it might be hard for you to concentrate on your work. If you have to stay in such a workspace, you can isolate yourself a bit by putting on a proper set of headphones that cuts off the noise from around. You can either listen to silence, or put on your favorite songs. Here are our recommendations for songs to listen to while developing.


2. Play with a toy


coding tips, play with a toy


Spinners and fidget cubes are are all the rage now, because they answer a need people, including developers, have while working. Having something to play around with can clear your mind or help you concentrate. You don’t need this specific cube, though. You can play with a piece of string, a slinky, a pen or a Rubik’s cube or anything else that is laying around. You can also doodle or play a pretend keyboard on your table. Whatever works for you, as long as it gets your mind on track.


3. Move around


coding tips, walk around


Sometimes you just have to leave your seat. Getting up, walking in circles, moving your hands, getting a drink, or even talking to yourself - if you’re stuck while sitting down, these actions can “restart” you and get you back to your coding, feeling fresh.


4. Get a pet


coding tips, get a pet


When you’re working from home (or sometimes even in the office), a pet can help you get in the zone. Working with a cat on your lap or brushing up against your legs, or petting your dog as she/he sit under your chair, can have a similar effect to playing with a toy.


My cat, Miu is my best companion for coding. In fact, I’ve even noticed that she is so in sync with my coding habits, that she rubs my legs when I’ve made a breakthrough in coding, and she purrs for attention when I need a break. Getting a pet who also becomes a friend can not only make coding non stressful, but also fun.


5. Involve your family


coding tips, involve your family


Let your surroundings know you’re having difficulties concentrating, so they can help you out. Whether it be keeping quiet during certain hours, or making sure you come to bed at some point so you’re not too tired the next day and will have trouble focusing. Deciding on quiet hours can also be helpful to make sure you’re productive enough while working and you have dedicated hours for spending time for your family and taking care of your children (if you have any).
How do you stay focused? We’re keen on hearing more tips, so please share in the comments section below.


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