BlazeMeter Achieves SOC2 Certification! What Does That Mean?
May 8, 2023

BlazeMeter Achieves SOC2 Compliance! What Does That Mean?


BlazeMeter has always prided itself on the lengths we go for providing users with cybersecurity that sets an industry standard. That is why we are thrilled to announce our official SOC2 compliance — not only because it makes BlazeMeter better than ever before, but also because it proves our dedication to the most stringent cybersecurity standards. 

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What Is SOC2?

SOC2 and SOC2 compliance requirements provide assurance and proof that a service provider is adhering to a high level of cybersecurity controls, particularly when processing and storing customer data. 

When it comes to the audit process for obtaining SOC2 compliance, it is based on what are known as the five “Trust Service Principles:” 

  1. Security 
  1. Availability 
  1. Confidentiality 
  1. Processing integrity 
  1. Privacy 
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What Are The SOC2 Compliance Requirements?

Here we go into more detail about those Trust Service Principles, which are the guideposts for obtaining a SOC2 compliance: 


This principle examines the prevention of unauthorized use of a vendor’s assets, cyber hygiene, and data compliance. A passing mark for security would mean the ability to employ access restrictions to prevent unlawful data removal, harmful attacks, disclosure of corporate data, or abuse of corporate software. 


Requirements to fulfill this principle are the abilities to maintain and monitor infrastructure, software, and information to ensure things are operating as needed. Being able to assess the risk of decreased availability based on capacity and identifying environmental threats (i.e. fires, power outages, system failure, etc.) are vital. 


Restricting access to and disclosure of private information is the name of the game here. The service must be able to identify sensitive information to prevent theft of financial information, corporate strategies, or intellectual property. Strategies should be implemented for erasing confidential information when it is deemed needed for deletion. 

Processing Integrity

For this principle, a system must be able to supply the correct data at the appropriate time. Processing data must be quick, accurate and — most importantly — allowed. You must be able to keep logs of all system input operations and define processing operations to ensure requirements are fulfilled. 


SOC2 compliant systems must be able to conform to a client’s privacy policy. To do so, clear and visible language is paramount so that it is straightforward and consistent so there is no room for ambiguity or misunderstanding. You must be able to guarantee that third-party data is reliable and lawful. 

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What Does SOC2 Compliance Mean for BlazeMeter?

With the SOC2 compliance attained, BlazeMeter communicates our level of dedication to providing our customers with the absolute highest standard of cybersecurity. With our infrastructure, software, team members, and procedures affirmed to be in the best possible position to protect customer information, teams can feel supremely confident in their testing. 

With an established, ironclad bedrock of information security, get started testing with BlazeMeter today. 


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