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"This course is very helpful to improve your skills. Thank you to the BlazeMeter team and to the trainer"

- Naga

JMeter™ Pro
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"Excellent course. Liked the flow and all the information provided."

- Anonymous

Master BlazeMeter Performance Testing
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"Good course. The video assets are very helpful."

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Introduction to BlazeMeter Mock Services

Meet your BlazeMeter University Instructors


Eliran Shani

Eliran is an automation tech lead, building automated infrastructures from scratch for the past 13 years. He has led many automation projects throughout his career in BlazeMeter, Kaltura, HiredScore, and more.

Ruth Kusterer

Ruth is a technical writer for Perforce. She has over ten years of experience with enterprise developer tools and open-source software.

Travis Lloyd

Travis has 6 years of experience in software development and performance testing and specializes in working with K8s and Docker.

Eric Dapp

Eric is a performance engineering, test automation, and all-around continuous testing ninja, and is a member of BlazeMeter’s adoption team.

Lorena Jinchuk

Lorena is a customer-oriented software engineer and part of BlazeMeter’s Adoption Services team. Lorena has been working with SaaS solutions for over 5 years.

Jacob Sharir

Jacob Sharir is a BlazeMeter advocate and expert in open source testing technologies.

Heitor Tashiro Sergent

Heitor has been working with APIs for the past 7 years. As a product manager at BlazeMeter, he leveraged his experience as an engineer and dev evangelist.

Archer Berryman

Archer Berryman manages documentation and training for Broadcom's DevOps business. He is a continuous testing advocate.

BlazeMeter University F.A.Q.

BlazeMeter University

BlazeMeter University has courses that span open source topics and complete BlazeMeter capabilities. You will find courses on JMeter, Taurus, and Appium (coming soon!). In addition, there are courses that span the complete capabilities of BlazeMeter. You can learn how to use mock services, test data, API monitoring, test automation best practices, and much more.

There are several courses in BlazeMeter University that will help you get started with BlazeMeter. In addition, reference the BlazeMeter Guide for additional assistance.

You can get help with a course in the BlazeMeter University by joining the Continuous Testing Slack channel linked from the bottom of the BlazeMeter website.

BlazeMeter and open source experts from Perforce and the industry teach courses in BlazeMeter University. If you are interested in teaching a course, please contact us with a direct message @BlazeMeter University on LinkedIn.

BlazeMeter University offers courses: JMeter Intro and JMeter Pro. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate.

What is BlazeMeter?

The BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is a complete solution for shift-left continuous testing. The platform includes UI functional testing, user experience testing, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, and virtual services. All capabilities are deeply integrated in an intuitive workflow designed for agile teams and provide robust support for popular open source tools. Delivered in software as a service with support for multiple clouds or private cloud, it is simple to get started, intuitive to use, and a powerful tool for delivering innovation with quality and speed.

BlazeMeter kicks off virtual machines which run JMeter Engines and configures the machines to execute the test. During the test it's possible to see real-time metrics and after the test the full report is being generated. The execution and results analysis is being orchestrated using Taurus open source architecture.

BlazeMeter provides
1. Toolchain for faster and easier JMeter tests creation like BlazeMeter Chrome Extension and BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder
2. Ability to run JMeter tests in the cloud so you do not have to worry about installation and configuration
3. Powerful reporting to speed up the process of test results analysis

BlazeMeter uses Taurus open source architecture for JMeter automatic installation and configuration and online interactive reporting

BlazeMeter allows users to execute performance tests using various load testing tools (Apache Benchmark, Gatling, JMeter, k6, Locust, Siege, Tsung, etc.) via the Taurus open source automation framework and provides real-time interactive monitoring of test results and comprehensive reporting.

BlazeMeter builds on JMeter by adding scalability and enterprise security and features. Some of these include:
1. Tools which make tests creation faster and easier like BlazeMeter Chrome Extension and BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder
2. Online interactive reporting during test execution
3. Final test report having all the metrics and KPIs combined with ability to share, collaborate and compare different test executions
4. Complete continuous testing functionality which includes integrated API testing and monitoring, virtual/mock services, test data on demand, functional and UX testing, and much more.

A scriptless framework allows you to create automated tests without having to write a single line of code. Tests can be created visually via drag and drop using logical/visual blocks. In more complicated scenarios, data and keyword-driven approaches can be used for the design and parameterization of the tests.

You will find courses in BlazeMeter University to help you become proficient with this functionality in BlazeMeter. In addition, the BlazeMeter guide contains comprehensive steps on creating a scriptless GUI test

Scriptless testing is a type of testing automation that uses a visual or declarative approach to define steps that will execute business actions in order to validate a scenario. The main benefit is that even nontechnical users can read, understand, execute, and contribute - allowing democratization of testing across the organization.

Learn about JMeter

The JMeter courses in BlazeMeter University provide a great way to get started on your path to becoming a JMeter expert. Once you feel comfortable with JMeter scripting, you can cross check your existing skills with The Ultimate Competence Matrix for Performance Testers and master the missing areas.

BlazeMeter University offers the following courses: JMeter Intro and JMeter Pro. These courses take about 1.5 - 2 hours each to complete.

JMeter is not difficult to learn.
1. JMeter is a GUI-based tool so you don't need to have immense programming skills in order to get started, you can build a test from logical blocks, then immediately see the requests and responses in Listeners.

2. It is even possible to record a test scenario using JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder or BlazeMeter Chrome Extension

Using these recorders, you can go through your test case in a browser and all the steps will be recorded and converted to the appropriate JMeter test elements.

JMeter was designed for load testing. When it comes to learning curve, velocity of test creation, ability to run test at scale, and network protocol support - JMeter is one of the best (if not the best) free and open source load testing tools. See article which highlights and compares the main features of several free and open source load testing tools. BlazeMeter, which is also available in a free version, allows you to use JMeter at enterprise scale, with enterprise features and security.

BlazeMeter is JMeter (and much more) in the cloud. You can upload your existing JMeter scripts and start executing them right away. When using BlazeMeter, there is no need to worry about JMeter installation, configuration of the distributed execution mode, real time results analysis, and final reports. BlazeMeter handles it all! Also BlazeMeter allows comparison of different test runs, generates technical and manager-friendly test summaries, and detects anomalies in test results. So, BlazeMeter is JMeter on steroids

The free courses in BlazeMeter University are an excellent way to get started. Mastering JMeter will take only a few hours!