These training sessions have been recorded for those who cannot attend in person. The sessions were laser-focused on preparing you on DevOps' & ValueOps' new offerings. The content has been delivered by Product Management and SWAT.  

  1. BlazeData-Intro. Introduction to BlazeData - Positioning, Use Cases, Configuration, Demo
  2. BlazeData - Advanced. Advanced training on BlazeData Functions, Triage, Tips & Tricks.
  3. BlazeVSE - Part 1. Introduction to BlazeData - Positioning, Use Cases, Configuration, Demo
  4. BlazeVSE - Part 2. Review of : Terminology, How BlazeVSE Works, Architecture and Demo
  5. Scriptless GUI Functional Testing part 1. Intro to Scriptless. The value proposition. Features in Scriptless. Demo
  6. Scriptless GUI Functional Testing part 2. More Scriptless Value proposition, Sales plays, New features.
  7. Rally and Advanced session + integration topics
  8. Rally Adaptor for Jira. Introduction to Rally and Rally adapter - Use Cases, Positioning, Demo
  9. SAP support for TDM. Review and Demostration of DevOps (TDM) support of SAP HANA
  10. SV4dotNet overview / Testing SalesForce Lightning Apps with BlazeMeter. Overview of SVdotNet / detail update on Testing SF Lightning Apps
  11. SV4dotNet Demo/ Correlation Plugin for any Application in BlazeMeter but will emphasize SAP support.
  12. Blaze Data introduction and value prop
  13. Intro to recording API Functional & Performance Tests with the BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder. Use cases and capabilities for recording tests. Deep dive on Proxy recorder will be provided in Sal's (Salvatore Pilo) Friday session.
  14. BlazeARD - API Modeling
  15. Script modularity and reusability.  How to modularize your JMeter and Taurus scripts. One of the most useful best practices for our customers to know about when we help them adopt BlazeMeter.
  16. BlazeVSE - latest updates. What's new in BlazeVSE? Details on all the latest additions.
  17. BlazeData Positioning and TDM Integration. Vlaue prop for BlazeData.  Update on BlazeData integartion with TDM Find and Reserve
  18. Blazemeter ARD Integration
  19. How to approach a LoadRunner displacement project. Script conversion support, culture shift support, enablement on our frameworks and practice
  20. Testing MainFrame Apps with BlazeMeter
  21. BlazeData Find&Reserve demo script / The vision for "Release Intelligence" dashboards. The vision for Release Intelligence (formerly known as Release with Confidence part of BizOps), which is intended to help customers improve quality and velocity of software releases by providing pipeline analytics, risks assessment and outcome predictions using metrics gathered across DevOps toolchain into ML model. / BlazeData Find and Reserve Demonstration Script
  22. Using Baseline comparison in Performance testing - Best practices of baseline testing - Understanding the (customer’s) Business’s SLA, identifying what the current Baseline is, monitoring it, establishing criteria
  23. Competitive Analysis of Tricentis Tosca
  24. DevOps Product Marketing Update
  25. How to demo BlazeMeter - The extensive version part 1- The fine print of the demos, "Performance tests" and account settings.
  26. How to demo BlazeMeter - The extensive version part 2 - The fine print of the demos, Functional, Mock Services, API Monitoring + Update on BlazeData "What's New".
  27. BlazeMeter Private Location Intro and Best Practices
  28. End-to-End testing for your API with BlazeMeter
  29. Blaze Data Introduction - V3 - Test Data in your Performance Tests
  30. BlazeMeter Testing MF Applications with Zowe integration - automate testing of MF batch apps in a way that has never been done before

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