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Is “performance testing” synonymous with LoadRunner or Performance Center in your world? Has your organization invested weeks, months or years into building LoadRunner VuGen and TruClient scripts to performance test business scenarios?  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s good that you have defined the flows that need testing, but it’s bad that running the tests means scheduling time (days or weeks later) in a dedicated lab and that only a handful of very busy specialists know how to create or update tests as code changes.


Testing is shifting left in the development cycle. It's being done earlier and within the development teams that are creating the code, not by handing off to a centralized group.  Unit testing was always done “on the left” but recently functional testing has made the shift left. Now performance testing is next. This is great news because it’s easier to fix a problem found early than late. To really stay on top of things, testing needs to be automated as part of continuous integration. Instead of being a “to-do” for a human to perform later, testing needs to run instantly in response to a API or CLI call as code is checked in or builds are run.  That’s continuous testing and it actually makes shipping code more often safer than the old ways of infrequent tests and waterfall milestones.

If you use LoadRunner, you may feel trapped in a world where performance testing can’t possibly shift left and continuous testing will never happen.

I feel your pain. I know how frustrating it can be to wait when the need for feedback is NOW.  Fortunately, help is on the way.  My colleagues at BlazeMeter have built a free automated tool to convert LoadRunner tests to Open-Source tests. Now you can move your existing LoadRunner tests to open-source, execute them whenever and wherever you want and automate all of this into CI/CD so the tests just run when they need to.

The Script Converter at allows you to convert LoadRunner VuGen and TruClient tests to JMeter and Selenium tests. There is nothing for sale here. It’s free as in “free beer” whether you have one test to convert or thousands. Recently, I sat down with Refael Botbol, BlazeMeter Domain Expert, to have a deeper look at the the rationale for this project and a demo of the tool in use. Check it out here.


To read a more in-depth explanation of shifting left, check out this blog post.

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