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The application economy we are living in has made flawless application performance an inherent part of a company brand and revenues. Even a small error or a single failed application can negatively impact a company.


However, surprisingly enough, application testing abilities aren’t matched with the needs of today’s software delivery teams. Teams are smaller and more agile, but testing still occurs after design and development, in a waterfall pattern instead of continuously. This is also due to the supply of tools in the market, most of which are ineffective for shift left testing earlier in the development cycle. Decentralized agile teams who use these tools will get slowed down, or they will jeopardize their test coverage.


Continuous testing cannot rely on them, period.


Speedy Test Coverage - Accomplished


BlazeMeter now offers innovations that enable continuous testing where it was interrupted beforehand, making it easy to shift left. The BlazeMeter performance and load testing solution is being reformed as a comprehensive test automation framework for performance, functional, API and UI testing.


Our broad testing solution enables any role in the application delivery chain to run open source, SaaS-based performance and functional tests at any time, from anywhere.


Be it code development, application build, delivery or production, performance can be validated at any stage of the application lifecycle.


Here are three innovative solutions BlazeMeter is offering to assist DevOps teams upgrade to continuous testing:

  • Convert proprietary test scripts to open source – for free. Easily migrate from proprietary HPE LoadRunner to open-source testing, with our free online Script Converter Tool. There is no need to rewrite tests from scratch. The converter automatically transforms VuGen or TruClient scripts to JMeter or Selenium. With this free online tool, companies can smooth out the bumps in the road when migrating to open-source, while eliminating their high maintenance and renewal payments for proprietary performance testing systems.
  • Functional API testing using your JMeter scripts. Reuse your existing JMeter load tests as functional API tests at the click of a button, on the BlazeMeter app. Test single APIs or entire business scenarios to uncover and fix Pass or Fail issues. Then, monitor trends to ensure your API quality is improving over time.
  • Protect sensitive data while taking advantage of the cloud. If you are looking for the scalability advantages of a cloud-based testing tool, but are reluctant to move sensitive data to the cloud, you can use BlazeMeter Private Cloud capabilities. With the Private Cloud, private information is kept behind the firewall, while numerical calculations, orchestration and anonymized reporting occur in the cloud. Privacy is maintained as the names of test steps, error messages and other sensitive data, such as test scripts and logs, never leave your internal network. This hybrid solution enables massive scalability, frequent updates and collaborative benefits of the cloud, plus the security benefits of an on-premises solution.


Start testing now.


Try out the free Script Converter. BlazeMeter also offers free LoadRunner to JMeter and open-source script consultancy services. Click to learn more.


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