Remove QA Bottlenecks with Automated API Testing

We recently introduced the Center of Developer Excellence (CoDE), CA’s vision for how the Test Center of Excellence (CoE) can address the disconnect between continuous software delivery trends and current testing practices. In today’s blog, we share how automated API testing can help you bring your CoDE to life and address the proliferation and complexity that the modern software development lifecycle brings.


Studies have shown that when testing becomes an integral part of the Agile development process, companies can reduce time to deployment, while boosting application quality and performance.To successfully navigate the shift left, though, you’ve got to get the fundamentals right. And that includes adopting automated API testing tools. When you do, you can eliminate costly QA bottlenecks and put an end to undetected performance issues.


Equip yourself for today’s API economy.


In what is fast becoming an API economy, modern applications rely on hundreds or even thousands of APIs that serve as building blocks and linkages among various software components.  These composite, API-based architectures allow development teams to respond quickly to ever-changing business requirements and to varying software delivery platforms – from Internet-connected devices to microservices and containers for the web and mobile. 


APIs have become so crucial that if even one of them is down, your business, your brand and your partner companies can suffer. Remember when automaker Tesla suffered a major API outage? Drivers of the company’s Model S and Model X cars were unable to use their mobile device to unlock doors or perform other important tasks. The impact even cascaded downstream to third-party apps that relied on the Tesla API for backend data. Tesla’s experience shows why it’s so important to test the connectivity among the various APIs used in your apps. Doing so is fundamental to producing reliable code that will function flawlessly in the field.


Overcome the limitations of GUI testing.


Historically, though, QA engineers in the Test Center of Excellence (CoE) have bypassed APIs to test at the higher GUI level.  But GUI testing can be slow and brittle, with even the simplest change causing a test to break. That makes GUI testing an extremely poor fit for Agile development, where rapid changes are commonplace. Developers need test tools that can help them “fail better” and learn through quick iterations.  


In the age of continuous development, testing needs to happen sooner in the software development lifecycle and at the lower API level so developers know right away if they have issues with their latest build. By adopting an automated functional testing platform for APIs, your Test CoE can take a giant step towards ensuring its future relevance.


automated api testing


Component-level, API testing solutions can take your framework files and test them comprehensively as part of your continuous integration process. You can find issues faster and can produce stronger and more durable code. Developers can easily use automated API test tools to conduct testing themselves – validating their code through APIs as it is written as part of their continuous Agile sprints.


Select the right API test platform.


What should you look for in an automated API test platform? Our CA BlazeMeter team thinks open source is fundamental, as are flexibility and ease of use.  Look for a solution that makes
creating and running thousands of test types concurrently as simple as clicking a checkbox.  You should be able to:

  • Have intuitive access to an open-source toolset optimized for API functional tests.
  • Reuse your JMeter load and performance tests and turn them into API functional tests.
  • Take your API functional tests and turn them into load and performance tests.
  • Test single APIs or complete business scenarios either in the Cloud or On-Premises.
  • Validate advanced test automation from the desktop via a command line interface in the IDE
  • Add your API tests to your continuous automated testing process.
  • Centralized visibility across projects with drill-down reports that makes trend analytics simple


how to selece the right API testing platform


The research firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts that the global API testing market will grow at a rate of nearly 20% a year over the next five years, supporting 26 billion connected devices by 2020 according to a report by Gartner. Don’t be left behind. It’s time to ensure the future relevance of your CoE by adopting new automated API testing tools.


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Automated API testing can help you banish testing bottlenecks and improve the quality and performance of your applications. As you load test REST API Tests with JMeter, visit our website to explore the features of BlazeMeter Functional API Testing and learn how easy it is to switch from API functional tests to load tests and back. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this place – we’ve got a BlazeMeter update that we know you will be very excited about, coming to you shortly. And remember to request for your free CA BlazeMeter demo!.


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