How Automated API Testing Makes Organizations Successful


As applications are interacting more and more through APIs, businesses and brands are becoming increasingly vulnerable to APIs having outages and issues. Major companies who experience API issues that bring their service down, can suffer from bad PR and sales losses.


Failing to thoroughly test APIs is part of the problem. Problems and issues can arise many weeks or months after they were created. This can lead to development teams having to stop everything they are doing in the current sprint cycle, circling back and trying to detect what went wrong. This takes up lots of time and effort, and can harm team motivation.


But thorough API testing is no easy task in itself. As it is, development teams are stressed to the max and don’t have the capacity to do comprehensive API testing. They are already very busy with writing code, as well as a wide range of sprint tasks from testing to documentation.


It’s no surprise then, that agile development teams are also trying to shift left their API testing, by starting the API and backend system request and response testing before the development of user interfaces. In addition, QA teams are replacing GUI functional tests to API tests, because the latter are less brittle and easier to automate.


API testing is critical to the success of your organization, and it must be extensive and automated. R&D teams don’t have the time to invest in creating extensive tests within a given sprint. Teams might create only one test to ensure the API is responding as expected, instead of multiple tests for positive and negative flows. They might also skip tests for edge cases, or accessibility and authentication tests.


We recently presented a webinar on Functional API Testing. This webinar introduces API Developers to a method of automating API functional testing with BlazeMeter’s API Test. This new API testing solution reduces API vulnerability when released and saves developers time, letting them get more done in each sprint cycle. Shifting left API testing also provides companies with the confidence that they can avoid service disasters that will poorly affect their customers’ user experience, harm their reputation and cost them money.


Thousands of API tests can now be run concurrently at the click of a button. Developers can now:

  • Run JMeter load and performance test scripts and reuse them as Functional API tests
  • Reuse API functional tests as load and performance tests
  • Get API tests auto-generated from Swagger or APIM
  • Test single APIs or complete business scenarios as part of the continuous testing process


API Testing with BlazeMeter provides actionable insights you can use to improve your product, your service and your developer’s work environment.


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