Continuous Testing: The Next Step in the Software Lifecycle Evolution


Software is eating the world and the app economy is exploding. While consumer expectations have never been higher, test coverage is not keeping pace with the exponentially growing number of lines of code.


Replacing your legacy tool stack to modern solutions will help you increase your test coverage, but is unlikely to make a significant impact on your business. The best way to achieve superior test coverage and significantly improve the way you develop, test and release software is by applying the “shift-left” philosophy.


This philosophy dictates that testing can’t be treated as a separate stage at the end of the lifecycle. Instead, testing should be an integral component of every stage of the entire software lifecycle, starting with the development teams creating the code, and moving through the build, delivery and production stages. Testing is no longer just for testers - but an essential function for developers, devops and QA.


Continuous Testing - Shift Left


In other words, instead of relying on a small, centralized segment of people to execute a limited number of tests, you can have armies of developers participating in the testing practice. Significant portions of the workflow can be automated, adding to your testing velocity. Through this automation and democratization of the testing process, you can increase test execution by a hundred-fold within the same timeframe and without draining internal resources.


Continuous Testing and Shift Left doesn’t mean re-locating the responsibility of quality to the developers. Rather, you’re extending the responsibility to the developers, enabling them to share the burden and own the quality of their code.


How to Shift Left Your Testing


The benefits of shifting testing left and testing every stage of the lifecycle are indisputable. Now the challenge remains as to HOW to easily implement this process within your organization. On the 13th of October, I’ll be joining technical experts from Sauce Labs, Cloudbees, Veracode, DZone, TestPlant and Techwell in a half-day virtual summit to share with you tips and best practices on how to shift left your testing by using SaaS and open source tools.


In this Friday the 13th special, we’ll be showing you how to take the scare out of testing and build better and faster apps.


Join us and learn how to:


  • Infuse testing into every aspect of the software delivery lifecycle
  • Implement best practices around Continuous Testing
  • Adopt open source testing tools with current practices


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