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Test Data

Every test needs data. The more comprehensive the data, the more detailed and high quality your test scenarios will be. BlazeMeter Test Data generates synthetic data for functional and performance tests and virtual services. Data can be linked and reused for multiple tests in BlazeMeter or exported and consumed by other tools.Watch it in Action

Every Test Needs Test Data!

“BlazeMeter Test Data enables teams to get better quality data that results in better quality outcomes."
-- BT Group

What is Synthetic Test Data Generation?

Synthetic test data generation can be used to dynamically create data that looks and performs like real production data. User data from production environments frequently includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Synthetic data generation allows testers to create test data without ever exposing real user data.  


This approach removes any issues with compliance. Synthetic data generation also lets testers create any amount of test data required on demand, as well as create data to cover additional test cases where the data does not currently exist.  


Dynamically create data that looks and performs like real production data

Generate Test Data for GUI Functional and Performance Tests

Building test data is easy with BlazeMeter Test Data. Some common examples of the kind of data that can be built quickly: 


  • Addresses 
  • Date and Time 
  • Credit card numbers 
  • Bank account details 
  • Seed Lists 


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Generate Test Data for GUI Functional and Performance Tests

Generate Test Data for Mocks and Virtual Services

At the heart of every mock or virtual service are transactions comprised of request & response data. BlazeMeter builds flexible and variable test data for your mocks and virtual services, allowing more complete testing. Additionally, your test data is synchronized across all the tests, virtual services, and SUT – providing a complete testing experience. 

Generate Test Data for Mocks and Virtual Services

Maintain Consistent Data Across all Your Tests

BlazeMeter Test Data can be used to drive your Performance and GUI Functional tests. The BlazeMeter Service Data Model is made available with the Test Data Model of both Performance and GUI Functional Tests when associated with data driven Mock Services. This means that you generate data once and use it across all three areas if desired. 

Drive your Performance and GUI Functional tests

Build Test Data On-the-Fly

Build synthetic test data from BlazeMeter! No more waiting for test data. Simply use the BlazeMeter console to create and attach test data to your BlazeMeter tests quickly and easily.

Eliminate test environment dependencies in your CI/CD pipeline

How I Use BlazeMeter to Run Load, Stress and Continuous Tests

“We previously used a load test company that did not give us the flexibility to write and maintain our own test code. This company wrote the tests and ran them on their platform. We believe we can move faster by owning the test code as well as the application code.”

How Piksel Uses BlazeMeter for Continuous Performance Testing and Analysis