Product Features

Private Cloud

Combine security, ongoing performance, and agility with a modern testing approach that keeps your data secure behind a firewall, while still enjoying all the benefits of the cloud. All data stays on-premise, with no maintenance or hassle.Watch it in Action

Keep data secure and still enjoy SaaS

Data security is vital. Our unique architecture and patented methods anonymizes data for processing in the cloud using the SHA512 hash algorithm together with salt. This hybrid SaaS/on-premise solution means that all production data is kept behind the firewall, while masked data is processed in the cloud. You receive the full benefits of testing and reporting with production data, while no sensitive data leaves your organization's boundaries.

BlazeMeter Private Cloud

Open-Source Based, Enterprise Ready Platform

Developers are already using open source tools and don’t want to be tied down to legacy products that have high infrastructure costs and maintenance. With BlazeMeter’s Private Cloud, you can easily integrate with over 20+ open source tools. Open source Taurus gives you one repository for all your tests from any open source testing tool, and get access to CI/CD integrations so you can shift left with continuous and automated testing all in a secure, self-contained solution. 

BlazeMeter open source enterprise ready continuous testing platform

100% Visibility with Enhanced Data Security

Keep real-world data behind the firewall, and still get total visibility into application performance. See how many tests are run, manage permissions, and get full visibility into the development process with real-time reporting for better test collaboration and management, efficiency, and agility. 

Data Security for Performance Testing

Scalable Testing with Low Costs & No Maintenance

With BlazeMeter, you’ll save big on infrastructure and maintenance. Run tests simulating up to 1 million virtual users, across the globe, and have access to all of BlazeMeter’s features for full flexibility, scalability and agility. You can even have thousands of users working simultaneously. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can save time and maintenance costs. Stay automatically up to date, or choose when you want to upgrade your version. 

Scalable testing with BlazeMeter

Hybrid Performance Testing: Keep Data Secure Behind a Firewall and Still Enjoy SaaS

How to Keep Your Data Secure Behind a Firewall and Still Enjoy SaaS

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