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The Complete Testing Suite

Run massively scalable, open source-based tests against all your apps, from web and mobile apps to microservices and APIs.

Write tests as code in domain specific language (DSL) to generate and instantly run JMeter™ tests without leaving your favorite application development tool.


Simulate thousands or millions of virtual users from 38 geo-locations, leveraging your favorite open source tools, Apache JMeter™, Selenium, Gatling, Grinder, Locust and more. Control threads, hits/sec, arrival rates & more - in real time.


Developers, easily create tests in your favorite editor using straightforward YAML or JSON syntax. Create and edit performance tests alongside code without switching context or opening other tools.

API Testing

Run functional API tests with the click of a button. Reuse your existing JMeter scripts and run them as functional API tests. Or use the API Test Maker to automatically create hundreds of API tests from Swagger or manual test definitions.

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