BlazeMeter Vs. LoadRunner

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Here are some key facts:


  • BlazeMeter is a modern SaaS solution for API and load testing executed from the cloud and on-premise.
  • BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™ and other open-source tools such as Jenkins and Selenium Webdriver.
  • With BlazeMeter you can intuitively and quickly create, run, scale, share and analyze your performance tests.


  • LoadRunner is complex, limited in terms of users, devices, licensing, scale and geographical reach.
  • LoadRunner needs to be installed on local machines with specific hardware requirements.
  • LoadRunner requires highly specialized performance engineers to perform all scripting and execution. These limit ability to scale test coverage and “shift left” to development teams.
How to Move from LoadRunner to Open Source Testing Tools in Minutes


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Nearly half of developers find the testing Center of Excellence approach is too slow to support CI/CD processes

Of former LR users moved because it was too costly

Of developers agree LR isn’t suitable for open sourced initiatives

Of developers find large community support of open-source a significant factor when choosing a solution

“The high price of HPE LoadRunner and the high price of its maintenance fees caused my organization to look for an open source alternative for performance testing and continuous testing.”

Former LoadRunner User

“We chose BlazeMeter over LoadRunner because of its strong connection with the open source communities”

Computer Services Enterprise

“It was hard to find people with the right skillset to operate LoadRunner. JMeter™ and Gatling are two very common skillsets, so it was easy to find people to integrate BlazeMeter in our Continuous Testing initiatives.”

Large Media Enterprise

“We needed a solution that augments the capabilities of open source testing tools. We didn’t want to have to use a proprietary legacy tool (which typically restricts our level of control). BlazeMeter enabled us to leverage the in-house skillsets of JMeter and Selenium. It was cost effective and yet gave us the ability to simulate the desired load volumes. More importantly, BlazeMeter’s dashboard makes results analysis easy!”

Computer Software Company

“As a small business, cost is everything. BlazeMeter gave us a solution that was low-cost, yet scalable. BlazeMeter’s customer support is available whenever we need them.”

Computer Company

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