Apache JMeter Load Testing with BlazeMeter

Easily scale your performance tests for continuous testing agility

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You Have JMeter...Why Add Blazemeter?


Scalability in the Cloud

Effortlessly run thousands or millions of concurrent users in 50+ locations worldwide. Run many tests in parallel to speed test cycles.

Shift Left

Integrations for Shift Left Agility

Integrates with CI/CD tools like Jenkins or TeamCity and with APMs. Set test automation as part of your CI pipeline.


Reporting & Collaboration

Real-time insightful reports on a visualized web dashboard. Access KPIs in real-time or months later for trend analysis. Share easily.


Chrome Extension Recorder

Easily record all HTTP/S requests and actual user interactions. Get a ready-to-use JMeter script to execute in BlazeMeter.

Enjoy all the excellent open source benefits of JMeter- and more.

Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter gets you continuous code quality, efficient and successful deployments, and satisfied users.

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Performance Testing

Run every time you release a new version to identify bottlenecks, bugs and errors.

Load Testing

Run to find out how your system handles heavy loads of 1000s or millions to examine speed and stability.

Stress Testing

Run before major events like Black Friday or product launches to analyze system behavior under extreme loads.

Spike Testing

Run occasionally to check your system’s sustainability for unexpected spikes.

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