Automate Performance Testing With Jenkins Continuous Integration


Shift Left Performance Testing for Developers

Empower developers to start testing with a developer-friendly language to define and execute tests

  • Write "version-control friendly" test blueprints as you code
  • Test blueprints will auto-generate performance tests on the fly as part of Jenkins CI builds
  • Execute locally as sanity checks before deploying into your CI/CD pipeline
  • Thresholds, pass/fail criteria, private and public cloud provisioning
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Test Performance

Achieve Superior Test Coverage With Every Code Push

Support executing an exponentially increasing number of tests

  • Creating is super easy
  • Every developer runs hundreds of tests per day
  • Support hundreds of developers testing in parallel
  • Support hundreds and thousands of tests running in parallel
  • No resources/servers required
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Work With Your Favorite Open Source Tools

  • Compose tests using your favorite open-source testing tools
  • Combine test runs of different testing tools as if it was a single test
  • Use a single language for a test blueprint to auto-generate a test for the specific tool (no tool knowledge required)
  • Supports Selenium, Locust, Gatling, Tsung, Siege, and PBench
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Change Your Code - Not Your Jenkins Configuration

  • Set and forget! Code changes flow through the continuous delivery pipeline - they don’t require changesto it
  • Change test blueprints without reconfiguring Jenkins or your performance testing infrastructure
  • 100% test automation - no human intervention required!
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Learn More About Jenkins CI & Continuous Testing

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