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Scale up your JMeter performance tests! 100% compatible with Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter allows you to upload any JMeter test, including tests that use plugins and advanced features. Run your first test here.

Run the Fastest API Tests: Enter a URL & GO

Set up API tests in minutes. Just add the HTTP transaction, including the URL, headers, method and body for your API requests. Pinpoint functional defects quickly with the built-in error report, and ensure you meet SLA's by applying thresholds to response times, throughput, and other critical performance metrics.

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JMeter performance testing

BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter. You can upload any JMeter test, including tests that use plugins and advanced features, and it will work on BlazeMeter. We can scale it for you automatically, or you can choose your preferred options. You can even choose specific versions of JMeter for replay.

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Performance testing

The Fastest API testing Tool

API tests are super easy to set up. Simply add the HTTP transaction including URL, headers, method and body for your API requests. Pinpoint functional defects quickly using the built-in Error report, and ensure SLA's are being met by applying thresholds to response time, throughput, and other, and other critical API performance metrics. Get Started

API testing tool

Run Website Testing With Real Browsers

BlazeMeter WebDriver tests drive load traffic from real browsers, using the same interactions as your users, and can even be derived from your Selenium functional tests. Use these together with JMeter for a more thorough scenario that exercises the backend and frontend both in a targeted and scalable fashion.

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website testing

Scalable Load Testing from Anywhere

Scale your virtual user traffic from 2 to 2 Million. BlazeMeter does all the infrastructure work required to orchestrate the load test, gather and format the results in rich reports and interactive graphs.

You can drive load from one or more regions around the world, through many public clouds like Amazon and Google, from regions in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North and South America. And take advantage of the BlazeMeter private agent to drive load from behind your firewall for pre-production apps in staging or development environments, or internal apps that aren't exposed to the public internet. Get Started

Load Testing

Real-time Reporting and Comprehensive Analytics

Find bottlenecks more quickly using our rich, interactive Timeline Graph. The Aggregate Reportprovides a clear tabular layout of all the critical metrics for the test and can easily be downloaded as a CSV file for further use. Keep track of defects and issues that arise during the test with our clearly categorized list of Errors, and clearly see trends over time from multiple test runs or builds with our Comparison Reports.

When the test is finished, you can share the test results and graphs with our polished and customizable Executive Report. Keep all stakeholders — technical and business — on the same page. Get Started

Continuous Integration Analytics

Performance Testing for Developers

With BlazeMeter, developers can easily create tests in their favorite editor using straightforward YAML or JSON syntax. Create and edit performance tests alongside feature code without switching context or having to open other tools. And you can keep load tests in your preferred version control repository to track changes and revert when necessary. Get Started

Performance Testing

Seamlessly Integrate with your Delivery Pipeline

Integrate BlazeMeter with your favorite Continuous Integration server (Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, Teamcity, CircleCI) and run fast, small-scoped load tests in parallel to ensure that performance is as expected before promoting a build to the next stage. You can set thresholds on critical test metrics to fail the build when necessary.

Automate test runs in staging and QA environments by integrating BlazeMeter with Chef, Puppet, AWS CodePipeline, IBM Bluemix, and other deployment tools and services. Get Started

Stress Test

See the Complete Performance Picture with APM continuous Integrations

Get the whole performance picture by correlating your load test metrics with CA APM, New Relic, AppDynamics, and Dynatrace metrics. Together with BlazeMeter, these solutions make it much easier to find the source of a bottleneck in the application stack, such as as slow method or a problematic database routine.

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continuous Integration
continuous Integration
continuous Integration
continuous Integration
continuous Integration

Securely Capture and Replay Real Mobile Traffic

Use our handy mobile recorder to capture traffic from any device type and from both native and mobile web apps. Our secure proxy captures the unique sequence and attributes of the requests coming from your mobile device so that you can accurately replay user-level interactions at scale. Get Started

Mobile Testing

Simulate Production Network Conditions

Using BlazeMeter Network Emulation you can model your load profile to reflect real-world connection types like 3G, LTE, WiFi, and more, as well as setting custom latency and bandwidth properties. Get Started


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