Enterprise Ready

BlazeMeter fits perfectly within the enterprise by providing a highly customizable performance testing platform and addressing your performance testing needs across the entire organization.

Accommodates Everyone's Needs

BlazeMeter plays nicely with devops, engineering, operations and QA Teams by providing application performance monitoring and CI tool integrations. Performance professionals get the highly advanced testing capabilities they need, and casual testers can use a simple web based interface.

Dedicated Enterprise Support
and Turnkey Testing Solutions

We provide dedicated enterprise support and account management as well as professional services and turnkey solutions if you need a little extra help, ensuring adoption and implementation are a success. Your success is our success.


Brand-name enterprises all over the world have switched to BlazeMeter. See our client list to see who’s made the switch.

Immediate Value

With nothing to install or maintain you can start running performance tests immediately. Get real value and improve efficiencies in days, not weeks.

Test Behind the Firewall

Run performance tests on local or firewalled apps without the need to whitelist IPs. BlazeMeter’s unique hybrid solution is an industry first that combines both public cloud servers with on-premise load generation.

Massively Scalable & On-Demand

Our cloud-based platform easily enables you to simulate traffic of ANY scale within minutes. Want to test 300k requests per second or 10Gb/s throughtput? Yes, we can do that. No need to coordinate or provision resources in advance.

Multi-user accounts

Give everyone access and share test reports across the organization as needed.

No Vendor Lock-in

BlazeMeter is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter (the gold standard in open source performance testing) so you’re never locked into proprietary technology. Use any JMeter script or plugin as-is. No modifications needed.

Flexible Pricing

Our customized enterprise pricing is designed to meet the complex needs of large organizations and supports both usage based and fixed fee pricing. Tell us what you need and we’ll tailor a plan for you that even your CFO will like :)

Enterprise Grade Security

We understand the importance of security. We use both industry-standard security technologies and best practices to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For ultra-secure needs we also provide an option to store sensitive data on-premise.


Loved By Our Customers

We are so happy with Blazemeter that it's beyond words! We are now able to do things that just few months ago were only in our wildest dreams.
Esa Vaarala Senior Performance Specialist, Prove Expertise Oy

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