CA BlazeMeter to Present About Open Source Based API Functional and Performance Testing at Austin API Summit 2018

Klaus Neuhold, Principal Product Manager at BlazeMeter (CA Technologies) will speak at the Austin API Summit on June 12th 2018 on the topic of: Open Source based API Functional and Performance Testing.

In his talk, Klaus will address creating and running tests during the sprint rather than waiting for someone else to test your APIs “later”, and integrating your testing into your Continuous Integration build with Taurus.

You can buy your tickets for the Austin API Summit 2018 here.

Klaus is the Senior Product Manager responsible for BlazeMeter’s new API Functional Testing functionality.

Built for Test Automation and Continuous Delivery, BlazeMeter API Functional Testing now provides dedicated Continuous Integration plugins for Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and a CLI tool and APIs to integrate with any other CI system.

On the reporting side, BlazeMeter provides comprehensive detailed reporting on the request level as well as historic trend reports for API Functional Testing, making it easy to collaborate and share test results with teams.

About BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter was acquired by CA Technologies in September 2016. The solution ensures faster delivery of applications by enabling DevOps teams to quickly and easily run performance tests on-premises, in the cloud or on virtual private cloud against any app, website or API at massive scale to validate performance at every stage of software delivery.

The rapidly growing CA BlazeMeter community has more than 100,000 developers and includes prominent global brands such as Adobe, Gap, NBCUniversal, Pfizer and Walmart as customers.
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Press Contact


Clare Avieli

Director of Product Marketing, CA BlazeMeter