Federico Toledo is the co-founder and director of the software testing company Abstracta, and holds a PhD in Computer Science from UCLM, Spain. With over 10 years of experience in performance engineering, he's helped many companies to successfully improve their application performance. He is dedicated to testing education, having written one of the first books in Spanish on testing and formed Abstracta Academy. He is also a co-organizer of TestingUY, the biggest testing conference in Latin America.

Learn JMeter in 5 Hours

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Run massively scalable performance tests on web, mobile, and APIs

Using Continuous Integration to Detect Performance Degradation

Use Continuous Integration pipelines to get quick feedback about your system’s performance. Run small daily load tests with assertions in your flow to check.

4 Endurance Testing Tips You Need to Know

Get 4 tips to improve your testing: setting thread group properties, running JMeter in non-gui mode and two more

Differentiating Response Times in JMeter with Embedded Resources

Learn how to distinguish response times corresponding to the main request and the embedded requests, with this easy guide.

4 Things You Should Never Do with Your JMeter Script

Don’t make your script too heavy and 3 more


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