Dave Karow is passionate about digital performance, and about proactively pushing apps and infrastructure to prove readiness before revenue is put at risk. A veteran of Keynote Systems, Dynatrace and SOASTA, Dave knows not only that "performance matters" but that we are in the midst of a transformation where performance testing moves from being an optional step at the end of development into a continuous discipline that starts early in the development cycle and stands ready to catch any performance regression at any point thereafter.

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Democratization is the New Frontier for Scale in Performance Testing

The new frontier for scale in performance testing isn’t about how “big” your tests can be or how much data you can graph in real time, but about how much performance testing you can do, how fast it gets done and most importantly who is actually creating and executing the tests.  Read this blog post to find out more.

What is “Continuous Testing” and How is it Even Possible?

What is “Continuous Testing” and how is it even possible? Read this blog post to discover how Continuous Testing is becoming the new normal.

You are Now Free to Shift Left

Learn to shift left with our automatic LoadRunner to open-source script converter. Immediately enjoy open-source benefits easily.

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