Jacob Sharir is the manager of the Adoption team at BlazeMeter. With more than 5 years of experience in performance testing and customer-facing positions while managing a global team, Jacob is an expert in the fields of Continuous and Performance testing. He is focused on exploring creative solutions while planning and executing customers’ adoption. 

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Stress Testing, Soak Testing and Spike Testing Best Practices with BlazeMeter

Use stress testing to see how your system can handle heavy traffic loads, before big events and for maintenance. Learn when and how to use stress, spike and soak tests. Load test now.

Getting Started with Workspaces in BlazeMeter

An introduction to workspaces in BlazeMeter, to optimize devops best practices and testing for enterprise teams

How to Use Postman to Manage and Execute Your APIs

In this blog post we will go over how to use Postman to execute APIs for your daily work. We will also show you how to use Postman when using CA BlazeMeter.

BlazeMeter University is Live

Now live: Free, online courses and certifications for popular open source and continuous testing technologies