Marta is a Client Services Consultant at Broadcom, specializing in Continuous Testing, DevOps and Automation.  She has over 18 years experience in helping teams develop and deliver software more efficiently.  

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Using Seed Lists to Generate Realistic Data for Functional Testing in BlazeMeter

BlazeData allows testers to generate production quality synthetic data to use in GUI functional testing. Let’s explore seed lists and how to use them to optimize your testing.

How to Create Automated Tests for Salesforce Lightning Applications with BlazeMeter

Read how BlazeMeter solves the challenges of Salesforce Lightning and to see a step by step explanation of how to create and run an automated test on a Salesforce Lighting app.

Web Components and Shadow DOM: Why and How to Use Them

Learn how to use web components, the challenges with Shadow DOM and Selenium and the BlazeMeter solution. Become a functional testing pro.