Gaurav is a Performance Test Engineer working with BlazeRunner. He is responsible for customer success and support.  Gaurav enjoys helping with scripting, configuration of integration plugins, general BlazeMeter support as well as analyzing scripts from an engineering perspective.

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Using Taurus for Load Tests with 100+ Labels

If a JMeter Performance test contains more than 100 labels, BlazeMeter reports display the metrics to the first 100 labels. A multi-test keeps track of up to 300 labels.

Testing Windows Applications Using Taurus and Selenium: A Guide

This Selenium Testing desktop application guide details the steps involved in testing the legacy Notepad application using Taurus, leveraging a Selenium Script.

BlazeMeter vs. LoadRunner Performance Test Results: How to Compare

Convert from LoadRunner to BlazeMeter to achieve scale and ease of use. This post will show you how to compare performance test results so you can migrate with confidence.