Sam Aybar joined Runscope in 2016, prior to its acquisition by CA Technologies. He was responsible for everything from pre-sales engineering through post-sales customer success as well as support. He is currently a member of the customer-facing engineering team.

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Advanced Assertions with BlazeMeter API Testing and Monitoring

Using assertions after requests in your test can help ensure your APIs are up, fast, and returning the data you expect in all of your environments. Learn to create complex assertions in BlazeMeter.

Updating a StatusPage Component with Webhook Listeners

Learn more advanced use cases for building and running BlazeMeter API Monitoring to update a Status Page component.

Building a Webhook Listener using BlazeMeter API Monitoring

Working with webhooks can give you superpowers to automate all different sorts of workflows. Here I will go into more detail about how to build a webhook listener with BlazeMeter API Monitoring.