Shirley Levi is a product manager at BlazeMeter. Shirley has 13 years of experience working as a product manager and developer. Shirley is an expert in bringing new features to life.  

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3 New Tools to Organize Your Data in BlazeMeter

3 new meaningful data management capabilities we recently brought to the continuous testing platform – an increased number of labels, tagging, and advanced search. Tutorials and best practices

How to set up BlazeMeter two way integration with DX APM (formerly CA APM)

In this article we will show how a BlazeMeter performance test can integrate with DX APM and the DX APM performance data be incorporated into the performance test timeline report.

Now Launched: BlazeMeter’s new performance booting screen

Our new performance booting screen was created to give you a clear understanding of the test initiation process, and the tools to manage it.