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Is Your Site or App Ready for Black Friday 2016? (Infographic)

Black Friday is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready. But do you know when your site is expected to peak? Or how much a few minutes of downtime cost? Or what frustrates your customers the most when shopping online?


Check out this Infographic for the answers to these questions and a few more interesting statistics on load testing.


Online E-Commerce Sales are Soaring In 2015, more shoppers than ever before shopped at home instead of going to stores. Online sales rose to $2.74 billion, 21.5% more than 2014. The average pageviews per minute increased by 109%.

Mobile Traffic is on the Rise  Mobile traffic was 57.2% of all online traffic in 2015 - the first time it exceeded the 50% line. Mobile sales were also on the rise, reaching more than a third of all online sales.

Everyone is Going Online Online shoppers prefer the convenience of shopping at home over overcrowded stores. But even bricks and mortar shoppers used smartphones and tablets to find bargains and improve their shopping experience.

Make Sure You’re Ready Before 9:00 AM! Ramp-up began at 6:00 AM and peaked at 10:00 AM. This is consistent with traffic peaks over the past 4 years.

cost of failure, amazon, John Lewis's website went down around 3.20pm – which analysts predict could have cost them up to £2.8m.

Consumers Abandon Transactions When they Hit Problems  Retailers risk losing 33% of shoppers to a competitor that offers a more convenient or streamlined shopping experience  46% of consumers say that waiting for pages to load is their least favorite thing about shopping via mobile.  Mobile sites that loaded in 5 seconds earned almost double the revenue of sites that took 19 seconds to load.

fortunately, 75% of bottlenecks can be prevented in advance


Want to make sure your site or app can stand up to the challenge on Black Friday? Check out our live Black Friday demo and view our free Black Friday on-demand webcast Running a Large Scale Load Test Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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