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Oct 29 2015

Workshop Hosted by BlazeMeter and WOPR Looked at Performance Testing in Production

BlazeMeter recently hosted the most recent WOPR (Workshop on Performance and Reliability) gathering in our offices in Mountain View. The 3-day workshop focused on performance engineering in production. Here is a look at the event.


WOPR is a series of peer workshops for performance engineers & testers, operations planners, development managers, and related professionals. In these workshops, working practitioners share their experiences, which are used to ignite facilitated group discussion. WOPR’s primary focus is on evaluating system performance and reliability. This includes performance measurement, load and stress testing, scalability testing, reliability measurement and evaluation, and system and product certification.


Participants work with a wide variety of software, hardware, and embedded technologies across many contexts, including large Internet businesses, embedded device manufacturers, telecom providers, small startups, energy companies, banking/finance/trading, the military, and large-scale, critical ERP and LOB systems. As we compare our experiences from different contexts, we find commonalities and boundaries in our models, practices, and thinking.


The focus of this particular workshop, WOPR24, was "Production: Where Performance Really Matters". In the description of the event, WOPR wrote:


Production is where performance matters most, as it directly impacts our end users and ultimately decides whether our software will be successful or not. Efforts to create test conditions and environments exactly like Production will always fall short; nothing compares to production!


Modern Application Performance Management (APM) solutions are capturing every transaction, all the time. Detailed monitoring has become a standard operations practice – but is it making an impact in the product development cycle? How can we find actionable information with these tools, and communicate our findings to development and testing? How might they improve our testing?


For WOPR24, we are asking for your Experience Reports on how you have conducted performance engineering in production. We are interested in your successful but also failed attempts to extend performance engineering into production and closer to the end user. We want to learn more about who owns production monitoring, which metrics are collected, how they are reported, which tools are used, and how this impacts the next iteration of software. 


Alon Girmonsky, BlazeMeter's CEO, greeted the group, and presented on how performance testing is much easier than it used to be, and how it can be performed continuously throughout the development lifecycle.


"Performance is so ingrained in every aspect of software delivery. We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to host the recent WOPR workshop," Girmonsky said. "I feel privileged to be able to learn from top practitioners, share experiences and compare notes. I'm looking forward to the next one."


It was a great, lively discussion, and good food as well. See some photos below.






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