Artem Fedorov is a Java Developer at BlazeMeter. He specializes in writing plugins for JMeter. He also develops BlazeMeter plugins for Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo CI. Artem maintains and develops the Jenkins Performance Plugin.

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Apr 11 2018

What’s New in the BlazeMeter Jenkins Plugin 4.0

Jenkins is an open source automation server for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes for any development project. With Jenkins, you can automatically run tests on your project every time you make changes to it. One of the most important types of tests to run is load tests, to ensure your project constantly maintains high-performance.


To run load tests on your project through Jenkins, execute the BlazeMeter Build Step in Jenkins after each commit/push into the master branch, by using the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin. You can learn how to use the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin from this article: “BlazeMeter’s Jenkins Plugin - a Guide”. (If you prefer using JMeter, learn how to run your JMeter test in Jenkins from this blog post: “Continuous Integration 101: How to Run JMeter With Jenkins”).


Version 4.0 of the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin was released in February 2018. Developed by BlazeMeter’s Artem Fedorov and Dzmitry Kashlach, the new plugin version makes user experience easier and better, by enabling users to generate pipeline scripts and adding a Search feature.


Here are the most important things you need to know about the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin version 4.0:


Pipeline Snippet Generator Support


Jenkins Pipelines make management of large-scale projects easier. Pipelines are like the “command line” in Jenkins, providing greater flexibility through script.


In version 4.0, we embedded the Snippet generator that help users generate their pipeline scripts.


1. Create your pipeline job.


blazemeter jenkins plugin


2. At the bottom of the pipeline script area click on “Pipeline Syntax”.


blazemeter jenkins plugin guide


3. Select the Blazemeter step (1), configure your build step (2), click the “Generate Pipeline Script” button (3) and copy the resulting script (4) to the Pipeline script area in the job configuration (previous screenshot).


continuous integration with load tests

Now you can run your job! This is the log on the console Output in Jenkins:


running performance tests as part of your CI process

If you click on the link in Console Output or on ‘BlazeMeter Report’ in the left panel, a test report will open up in BlazeMeter.


ci server with BlazeMeter tests


New Search Feature


Another feature you can find in this release is the search field in the Test dropdown. This can be helpful for users who have many tests in their account.

1. Add a BlazeMeter build step to your Freestyle project.


load testing in CI cycles


2. Open the Tests dropdown, and then you will see the Search Tests field.


adding a load test to your performance testing process

3. In this field you can search for the test label, test type or test id, and get a shortened list of tests.


running performance tests in continuous deployment


If you find any bugs in the Search field, please, report them here.


Old API Keys Deprecated


Since version 4.0 of our plugin does not support the old API keys, please use the new credentials that contain the API Key Id and API Key Secret.


To create a new type of credentials, go to Jenkins -> Credentials -> System -> Global Credentials and click “Add credentials”.


Then, select “BlazeMeter Credentials” in “Kind” and fill the “API Key Id” and “API Key Secret” fields. Validate these credentials by using the “Test BlazeMeter credentials” button and save them.


run blazemeter with jenkins


That’s it! Whichever performance testing tool you choose, make sure you integrate it into Jenkins to ensure Continuous Testing, both when making changes and as an ongoing best practice. You can learn more about Continuous Integration from our free course.


To try out performance testing with BlazeMeter, request a demo, or put your URL in the box below and your test will start in minutes.

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