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Oct 06 2013

What's the most important capability for accurate performance testing?

Historically, most developers using JMeter get into building a test script and after about 3 intensive hours of work, their result is a beautiful designed JMeter script that is unfortunately "miles away" from the real browser activity.
Developers invariably lose touch with reality and the value of their testing effort suffers.  Then those same inaccurate scripts are used to be uploaded out in the cloud to run......and it becomes even more challenging; because the cloud is even more "wild" and unpredictable. 
This can be a huge challenge for traditional load testing teams who are using on-premise tools in the lab and they just don't trust anything from the outside.
BlazeMeter just added a new capability to their testing platform which is probably the most important capability for accurate performance testing.
Users can now record their actual browsing activity directly from within the browser, including every single HTTP request made by the browser.
The ability to remove the gap between the script developer and the test tool - completely removes the gnawing criticisms and doubts about the accuracy or validity of the performance  test.  
The perception I have using BlazeMeter's Chrome extension is that my script is recorded accurately in the REAL browser using REAL traffic from the REAL world and that means it will create REAL load from the cloud in the REAL world.
BlazeMeter's Chrome Extension performance testing PerfBytes right from the browser!
    - By using the BlazeMeter Chrome extension the script is created instantly from your actions in the browser.  Testers can be more assured that the script is accurate and reliable in the context of their test design; which in turn maximizes the credibility of the test results.
    - This extension is easy to install and use - I had a simple test up and running in 5 minutes.  And it's not oversimplified; advanced users will find ways to dig in and customize the options. 
    - Combining the BlazeMeter Recording Extension together with the default Waterfall Sampler I can respond in less than 30 minutes with meaningful insights and first steps to improving an application's performance.
You can't get more REAL than that.
About Mark Tomlinson
Mark Tomlinson:Independent Performance Consultant Guest Blog on BlazeMeter
Mark Tomlinson is a performance engineering and software testing consultant as well as founder of the well known performance podcast, Perfbytes. His career began in 1992 with a comprehensive two-year test for a life-critical transportation system, a project which captured his interest for software testing, quality assurance, and test automation. He has broad experience with real-world scenario testing of large and complex systems and is regarded as a leading expert in software testing automation with a specific emphasis on performance.
As an independent consultant, contractor and teacher Mark now offers coaching, training and consulting to help customers adopt modern performance testing and engineering strategies, practices and behaviors for better performing technology systems. Contact Mark.


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