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Oct 16 2015

Watch BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage Talk Continuous Performance Testing at Velocity

In an interview from the recent Velocity NYC conference, BlazeMeter's Chief Evangelist Michael Sage talks about continuous performance testing throughout the development lifecycle.


Mike Hendrickson of O'Reilly Media asked Sage about some of the work BlazeMeter is doing in the world of load and performance testing. 


"What BlazeMeter is doing is rethinking, reinventing how load testing is done," Sage said. "Load testing used to be a really complicated, expensive undertaking, generally done by specialists and generally done infrequently. What we've done is created an open-source-based, DevOps style approach...with very developer friendly formats and processes to interject load testing anywhere in the delivery pipeline."


Sage talked about the critical importance of performance testing. "User expectations are higher than they have ever been. People expect instant response times. So performance testing has to come back in a big way, and we think that by making it very easy to do at any stage of the delivery pipeline, we can get everybody performance testing again."


View the full recording of the interview by clicking below.



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