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Sep 02 2015

A Walk-Through on Performance Testing on the AWS Blog

In July, Amazon made available to its customers AWS CodePipeline, a continuous delivery and release automation service. And as part of the platform, performance testing powered by BlazeMeter - a member of the AWS Partner Network -  is built into the AWS CodePipeline continuous delivery flow, enabling users to test APIs, mobile and web applications easily and rapidly. Now, we are very excited to a guest post of BlazeMeter published today on the AWS Partner Network blog.


Read Performance Testing in Continuous Delivery Using AWS CodePipeline and BlazeMeter, which reveals how with BlazeMeter’s native AWS CodePipeline integration, DevOps can more easily inject automated load tests at the right places in the delivery workflow.


The blog post looks at the importance of continuous performance testing throughout the contunuous develiery process. As the introduction states:


By now, most software delivery teams have heard about and are either practicing or planning to practice some flavor of continuous delivery. Its popularity has exploded in recent years largely because it has proven to have immense benefits for the rapid release of high-quality software. After each commit, the software is built and tested, and a deployable artifact is the result. How or when that artifact is deployed to either a staging area or to production depends on the team, their process, and their infrastructure.


While unit and functional tests have become standard practices of good software delivery, load and performance tests have been a bit neglected in many workflows, reserved for specially scheduled events and generally conducted manually by a group. In part, this is because load and performance tests have tended to involve complex and brittle scripts that require dedicated, vendor-specific environments and are difficult to automate or run quickly enough for fast feedback.


Since AWS CodePipeline is such a powerful automation framework for managing the continuous delivery process from start to finish, let’s take a look at how we can more easily inject automated load tests at the right places in the delivery workflow with BlazeMeter’s native AWS CodePipeline integration.


Previously, we looked at what AWS Pipeline is, and 3 important ways DevOps engineers can utilize it to maximum benefit. We also featured a post that gave a view into the smooth continuous delivery workflow that will inevitably reduce time to release and increase test coverage during the release for developers. 


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