Clare Avieli is the Director of Product Marketing at CA BlazeMeter, where she leads the digital marketing team. She has 15+ years of experience in marketing, PR, and writing, with a specialization in technology. Prior to CA BlazeMeter, Clare led the online and content marketing strategy at Panaya (now Infosys) and was the marketing manager at Nolio, now CA Release Automation.

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Mar 24 2015

View the Webcast: Performance Testing With Real Browsers

If you want to get the most realistic results for your performance tests, using real browsers is the way to go.


But it’s not always easy to do this at scale.


In our latest webinar, our Chief Evangelist Ophir Prusak revealed how to make this easy. He gave step-by-step instructions and a live demo on how to run performance tests with real browsers using Selenium WebDriver – with BlazeMeter and/or JMeter on its own.


He covered how to:

·      Correlate actual browser-based user experience with your load tests

·      Run multiple Selenium WebDriver tests in parallel at scale by using the power of the cloud

·      Do it all without any prior JMeter knowledge or experience!


You can view the full webcast here:


Ophir stayed online at the end of the webinar to answer questions. If you missed the live version but have questions about this or anything else to do with performance testing, you can schedule a demo and talk directly to one of our experts. 











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