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Sep 17 2015

View the Webcast: How to Automatically Test the Performance & Visual Appearance of Your App Under Load

BlazeMeter recently teamed up with automated visual testing experts Applitools to deliver a hands-on webinar on combining frontend and backend testing - allowing you to get a comprehensive view of how your website, web or mobile application appears and functions under heavy load. You can view the recording here. 


Test automation experts Michael Redman and Adam Carmi demonstrated how to build a Selenium-based performance test simulating thousands of users, while simultaneously conducting a visual test as well. 


The webinar covered:


  • Fundamentals of backend performance testing and frontend visual testing
  • Types of rendering issues that can transpire under load – and how to detect them
  • How to gain actionable insights as to how your app behaves and appears under load
  • How to run a full and comprehensive real-world test in real time, simulating thousands of users with Selenium
  • How to automatically detect visual regressions under load - by running visual load tests on a regular basis


and more...


Watch the Video:




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