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Are your applications being tested right? Does your load and performance testing fit the needs of the continuous delivery era?


Speed and response times have become synonymous with quality in the eyes of customers and users everywhere. Tolerance for sluggish sites and mobile apps is near zero and the need for load and performance testing has never been more clear.


Today, most software delivery teams have already adopted iterative development practices and more frequent build-and-test cycles in order to meet business demands for constant innovation and faster software releases. However, in many cases, performance testing still remains relegated to the later stages of the overall release cycle.


Michael Sage, Chief Evangelist at BlazeMeter, was recently joined by special guest Diego Lo Giudice, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to present a webinar, Evolve Your Performance Testing to Succeed in the Digital Era, which examined the open source and DevOps approach to performance testing in the age of continuous integration and delivery. The full recording is now available.


Did you know that:


- 74% of consumers wait less than 5 seconds for a webpage to load on mobile devices before abandoning it?

- New roles mean testing must shift to the left?

- Open Source has a signifcant impact on Continuous Delivery?


The webinar examined:


- Why going digital demands more performance testing

- How to successfully shift performance testing to the left

- How to best employ performance testing to tune the heartbeat of applications in continuous delivery pipelines


You can now view the recording now.

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