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Apr 06 2017

An Updated and Comprehensive List of Apache JMeter™ Resources

Apache JMeter™ remains the leading open source tool for load and performance testing web applications. Almost 2 years ago, I prepared a list of the best resources for learning about JMeter™ and performance testing. A lot has happened since then in the world of JMeter™ testing.


Recent developments include the soon-to-be-released JMeter™ 3.2, the second update since the release of JMeter™ 3.0 in May 2016, which at the time was the first major release from the Apache JMeter™ team in over 12 years. We will bring you all the details about what’s new in 3.2 as soon as it’s released (though you can see a preview in this webinar).


We’ve also seen an increasing number of JMeter™ users looking to combine JMeter™ with other open source testing and development tools, such as Gatling, Selenium, Jenkins, Github, Taurus, as well as APM tools as well. This reflects the era of continuous testing, wanting to automate and integrate performance testing as part of the continuous integration and continuous delivery process.


Due to those developments, it’s best to revisit and update our list of JMeter™ resources. Here is a comprehensive list of websites, blog posts, videos and tutorials that cover JMeter™ and best usage practices.




1. Apache JMeter™ official website - Pretty self-explanatory, including links to the JMeter™ community, documentation, changes per version and more.

2. JMeter™ Changelog - Keep track of the differences between different JMeter™ versions, and how they compare with each other.

3. Apache JMeter™ Wiki - Includes lists of user pages, providers of JMeter™ support and training, a list of companies that are using JMeter™, a list of free plugins, and a whole lot more.

4. The JMeter™ FAQ - Browse through frequently asked questions, including (to name just a few) "How to do remote testing the 'proper way'?", "How do I parameterize my JMeter™ test cases?", "How do I make parameters dynamic, reacting to the unique server responses of each test run?", "Can JMeter™ record HTTPS requests using the recording proxy?" and more.

5. The JMeter™ GitHub page - Contribute to JMeter™ development!

6. JMeter™ Plugins - A custom set of plugins for Apache JMeter™, graphs, load shapers and new functions.

7. BlazeMeter Blog - Our favorite :) - All about JMeter™, CI/CD, Continuous Testing, DevOps, and more! A ton of information about JMeter™, for both the novice and advanced user.

8. The Stack Overflow Page with JMeter™ Questions

9. The Stack Overflow Page about JMeter™ Correlations

10. The Stack Overflow Page about JMeter™ Test Scenario Recording

11. The Stack Overflow Page about JMeter™ Parameterization

12. TutorialsPoint.com Page on JMeter™ - A great source for free tutorials and reference manuals on JMeter™, including sections on prerequisites, how to test a FTP site using JMeter™, writing a test plan and lots more.


Articles on JMeter™ Versions, CI Integrations, and Scripting Languages


1. 5 Key Things You Need to Know About JMeter™ 3.0

2. What’s New in JMeter™ 3.1

3. Apache Groovy in JMeter™

4. How to Use BeanShell: JMeter™'s Favorite Built-in Component

5. Continuous Integration 101: How to Run JMeter™ With Jenkins

6. How to Run a JMeter™ Test with Jenkins 2.0 Pipelines and GitHub

7. How to Run JMeter™ Tests with TeamCity

8. JMeter™ and Bamboo




JMeter Academy


Comprehensive JMeter training courses for beginners and advanced users. Developers will gain broad JMeter knowledge and will be able to run load tests through JMeter. The academy courses include videos, demos, lab guides, and a test, ensuring you understand how JMeter works and how to use it.


5-Day JMeter™ Course

A valuable reference for Apache JMeter™ beginners and pros alike. By the end of the 5-day course, you will have a strong understanding of JMeter™'s major capabilities, how to run custom load and performance tests, and best practices to help you quickly become a JMeter™ expert.

The course covers:

1. How to install JMeter™ and create your first script

2. Basic elements such as thread groups, samplers, listeners, and timers

3. How to use JMeter™'s built in proxy to record your interactions with the browser to create a JMeter™ test plan

4. Adding error checking (assertions) and dynamic requests (extractions) with regular expressions to your JMeter™ script

5. How to quickly create a JMeter™ script that can log into your website or application...and more


What’s New in JMeter™ 3.0 Webcast & Q&A


This webcast is led by Andrey Pokhilko, founder of JMeter™-Plugins.org and a core JMeter™ contributor. It begins with a look at some of the latest changes and improvements in JMeter 3.0, the first major release from the JMeter™ project team in over a decade.


It then opened the floor to the audience for a diverse set of questions about Apache JMeter™ and featured answers with live demonstrations.


Get Started with JMeter™ in 60 Minutes

A webcast by BlazeMeter which in just 1 hour covers a lot of material, but also serves as a really great introduction to using JMeter™. It's a great resource for getting started with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Go from zero to writing complex login scripts with CSV support in under an hour. The video looks at a high overview of what performance testing is, understanding how JMeter™ works, creating a simple static script, recording actual browsing activity and more.





Advanced JMeter™ Training & Report Analysis

This webinar recording will help you make that jump from JMeter™ beginner to JMeter™ pro, looking at threads, ramp-up & loops, JMeter™ optimizations, concurrent users vs. requests per second, functional testing & testing for errors and third party plug-ins.





How to Create Advanced Load Testing Scenarios with JMeter™


Sending traffic to your site to see how it responds is one thing - creating realistic load scenarios is quite another. Realistic traffic profiles are sophisticated. They include managing individual sessions and user journeys, the distribution of load across various app functions, and the fluctuating pace in which users interact with the app or website. Fortunately, JMeter™ features many of these advanced capabilities. In this webcast, we take a deeper look at how JMeter™ can help you create realistic load against your site so you know it can handle real life situations.




Test Automation with Jenkins & JMeter™


This webinar recording shows how to detect errors instantly and deliver software rapidly by automating testing throughout the Continuous Integration (CI) process by using Jenkins, JMeter™ and open source test automation framework Taurus.





Load Testing REST APIs Using JMeter™


An ever increasing number of websites and applications are being built on top of REST architecture which simplifies the interchange of client and server data. This webinar recording looks at how to use JMeter™ for advanced testing scenarios, to effectively run stress and load tests on REST APIs.




The JMeter™ Tutorial YouTube Page

A lot more great educational videos, including "How To Login Into A Web Application", "Using Dynamic Data from a CSV File with JMeter™", and more.


Social Media

1. JMeter™ Facebook Group

2. JMeter™ - Open source Tool For Load and Performance Testing - Facebook Page

3. Official Twitter Page - @ApacheJMeter™

4. JMeter™ Plugins Twitter Page - @jmeter_plugins

5. LinkedIn Group - ApacheJMeter™

6. Meetup Group - Based in the San Francisco Bay Area - JMeter™

7. JMeter™ Meetup Group in NYC


Have an idea for a resource that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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